Exclusive: Astrotheque Premiers Indie-Tech Single ‘Sweet the Sound’

Astrotheque, the digital dream-pop stars of Austin, has premiered their latest single, ‘Sweet the Sound’, taken from their forthcoming debut album Return to Form right here on Track Rambler. A headlining show at Barracuda in Austin on September 2nd with Hamerzya and Obsolete Machines will be home to the group’s widespread release of the single, with each attendee receiving a free download of ‘Sweet the Sound’. While we don’t have a definitive release date for Return to Form (Fall 2017), “Sweet the Sound” is enough to keep eardrums occupied in the meantime.

The track is a cognitive arrangement of two genres that are ever-so-popularly being seen together; indie rock and digital pop. Each genre retains its own identity when under inspection, but upon a step back, it all melds together quite like a finished puzzle. Piecing it all together are Astrotheque founders JDub and Claudio Ramirez, a duo that has thrived off of experimenting with sounds unexplored in previous endeavors. With John Looke taking responsibility for synth, keyboards and programming, and Dave Terry locking down the trapset, the group’s live performance is promised to be just as stimulating.

JDub, the energetic lead vocalist, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist, boasts a satin-smooth voice through the song, easily floating through moving melodies while laying down a perplexing melodic-minor progression on guitar. On the other side, Ramirez drops a powerfully enigmatic soundscape as the digital producer, captivating listeners with an array of distorted sounds.

The intense combination is a battle, one from which the audience walks away victorious. It becomes easy to get lost in both spectrums, whether it be the cool, groovy indie half, or the bombastic, head-turning half. Return to Form is promised to be an adventure into the minds of these arranging masterminds. Click below to get lost in the digital dream-pop cosmos of ‘Sweet the Sound’


Tickets to Astrotheque at Barracuda w/ special guests Hamerzya and Obsolete Machines can be purchased here.


Written by: Sawyer Click