Twin Peaks and SMiiLE Get Barracuda Heated For Hot Luck

Hot Luck Festival, Austin’s newest attraction combines the best culinary minds in BBQ with some of the best talent in music. Courtesy of local smokehouse guru Aaron Franklin and Mohawk owner James Moody, Friday night brought Chicago indie-rockers Twin Peaks to Barracuda.

Kicking off the evening was Austin’s own SMiiLE, gave the early crowd something to dance to with their uptempo energy. Led by frontman Jake Miles, SMiiLE’s positive message gives off a sense of euphoria making it impossible not to…well…smile and enjoy yourself. Beautiful harmonies from vocalists Annie Long and Mary Bryce paired with theatrical choreography made for one of the most fun live shows in the city.

With the energy bursting inside the venue, Twin Peaks took the stage to an ignited crowd ready to party. The attitude for the midwest rockers combines the raw chaos of punk and thrash with soulful array of guitar-driven indie rock songs. Crowd surfers soon filled the air and Lone Star beer started flying with everyone having a good time. Tin Peaks’ set seemed more like a Beastie Boys house party in the mid 80’s fueled with alcohol, sweat, and cigarettes.

Cutting through tracks “Holding Roses”, “Making Breakfast” and “Shake Your Lonely” their set gave something for everyone to sing along with. Twin Peaks definitely has a hardcore fan base here in Austin and it showed Friday night.

Check out some photos from the set below and make sure to catch SMiiLE and Twin Peaks when they come to your area.

Twin Peaks




Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt



Tiny Moving Parts Hit Barracuda

AUSTIN, Texas – Celebrating their new album, Tiny Moving Parts and their touring company performed to a freezing yet sold-out audience at Austin’s Barracuda on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

With nearly 300 people swarmed around the venue’s outside stage area, the lineup, completed by the polyrhythmic fuzz-rock quartet Fever Blush for the Austin performance, didn’t let the brisk air put a damper on the celebratory and energetic mood.

Promoting Tiny Moving Parts’ new album, Swell, the Minnesota-based band took to the road for a 32-day tour across the U.S. with support from fellow self-proclaimed emo-revivalists Mom Jeans and Oso Oso, with local support varying with location. With over half of the venues already reporting tickets as sold out, Tiny Moving Parts have reached a milestone with this tour.


Drummer William Chevalier has been a part of Tiny Moving Parts since the band’s inception. According to Chevalier, the band’s trajectory from shows played to five audience members to sold-out crowds has made all of Tiny Moving Parts humble and incredibly thankful to be able to pursue music to this extent.

“It’s kind of amazing,” Chevalier said. “We’re just taking this tour day by day and soaking it all in. These have been the most fun shows that we’ve ever played.”

In a crowd that mostly consisted of high school and college-aged people, Kevin Martinez, a 40-year-old carpenter from El Paso, could be found headbanging along at the bar. Martinez drove from El Paso with his 19-year-old daughter, Christina Martinez, just to see the concert.

“I hate when people say this is young people’s music,” Kevin Martinez said. “No music is just for a specific group of people. I fell in love with this music with my daughter, and so I’m here to enjoy it with my daughter. Is there anything more you could ask for?”

Eric Butler, the vocalist and a guitarist for Mom Jeans, joked about the cold weather as the Californian emo quartet began their set.

“If I make a lot of mistakes on guitar it’s because I’m so cold,” Butler said as Mom Jeans burst into their first song.


Mom Jeans, known by fans for the rowdiness of their shows, brought a barrage of crowd surfing from their very first note. “Death Cup,” one of the group’s most played songs according to Spotify, embodied the liveliness of the night as bodies flew from the stage and fists pumped in the air. In an effort to fill dead space as the band changed tunings, Mom Jeans bassist Gabriel Paganin told well-received dad jokes.

“Why couldn’t the life guard save the hippy?” Paganin said. “He was too far out.”
Oso Oso, an alternative-emo quartet, have played for the entirety of the tour. The New York-based ensemble recently announced their own spring tour yet there are no Texas dates on the calendar. Billy Mannino, the bassist for Oso Oso, said that there’s nothing more enjoyable than getting to make music with your friends every day.

“It’s been so much fun to be a part of this tour,” Mannino said. “This is definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of.”


Written by: Sawyer Click

Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun

Molly Burch Holds Her Own at Barracuda – 02/10/2018

Molly Burch is not one to be outdone, and her show at the Barracuda on Saturday was just proof of that. Opening for Hovvdy’s album release, Burch held her own; soaking the set with absolute resilience and soulful sounds.

Definitely not the first time Burch has impressed, this is just another example since the release of her album  this time last year. Highly praised by Austin as a community, ‘Please Be Mine‘ still rings in the ears at each of her shows.

Check out the photo recap of her set below!


Words: Megan Matthews
Photography: Valerie Riels @photo.atx.

Speedy Ortiz at Barracuda with Lola Tried Recap

Austin was blessed Sunday night by Massachusetts emo rockers Speedy Ortiz and local indie act Lola Tried in the Red River District.

The night kicked off with Austin’s own Lola Tried, a fellow female fronted four-piece with the stage presence that could electrify an arena. The fast paced guitar driven set showed major potential from this upcoming group as their songs went from angsty punk to soft, emotional bridges featuring some of the best lyrics I’ve heard out of the capital city in some time. If you get the chance to see one of their shows, I highly recommend it. You can find their EP Popsicle Queen on their Bandcamp.

For Speedy Ortiz frontwoman, Sadie Dupuis, this show was more of a homecoming having formerly been a resident of Austin and employee of local favorite Waterloo Records. The group played several hits from their albums Major Acana and Foil Deer with the crowd favorites being tracks “The Graduates” and “No Below”. The tour stop also marked a special day as it’s the first time Sadie Dupuis was able to play her new guitar from the local South Congress staple Moniker Guitars. It’s always a custom to support the touring acts, but it’s even better when the touring act supports your city.

You can catch Speedy Ortiz on the rest of their tour supporting Tera Melos in a city near you. Tickets can be found on their website.

Speedy Ortiz


Lola Tried



Photos and Article by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Frankie Rose Brings Cage Tropical to Barracuda

NY/LA based singer-songwriter, Frankie Rose, recently visited Austin’s Barracuda with special guests Suburban Living and Très Oui. Rose is currently touring in support of her fourth solo album, Cage Tropical, released on August 11. The singer-songwriter also recently collaborated with Jorge Elbrecht to record a cover of the Cure’s 1980 album Seventeen Seconds in full, due out October 27 via Turntable Kitchen’s Sounds Delicious. Check out the images below from Frankie Rose’s September 20 performance at Barracuda.

TR Frankie Rose 4TR Frankie Rose 2TR Frankie Rose 3TR Frankie Rose 1TR Frankie Rose 6TR Frankie Rose 5


Click the link below to see Frankie Rose’s latest video ‘Red Museum‘.


Photos by: Mindi Westoff

Tobin Sprout Makes His Way to the Barracuda

Tobin Sprout took to the stage last Friday, at Austin’s own Barracuda. The veteran indie rocker embraced every aspect of his musical virtuosity at the show, after releasing a new album early this year, The Universe and Me; his sixth solo endeavor. The former Guided By Voices multi-instrumentalist found his way to the stage, amongst his other attributes, like the children’s book Elliott, released in 2009.


Elf Power


Photos by: Jon Roberts

Hard Riffs ‘Stand Alone’ With Debut EP

Hard Riffs is the breakout project of the Austin-based Michael Mancuso (Steady Legend), a veteran of the central Texas music scene, featuring keyboardist Sam Powell (Black Joe Lewis) and percussionist Harrell Williams (Resident ZACH Theater drummer). With the release of his first solo EP, respectfully titled Stand Alone, Mancuso lives up to the band name with a collection of guitar heavy roots-rock songs boosted with a modern twist. Just short of 16 mins in length and comprising of a 5 song tracklist, Stand Alone is not the longest studio album to ever be produced but it does tell a story that anyone who has been in a failed relationship can relate to. With upbeat tempos and an uplifting sound it is difficult to believe that many of the songs weave narratives of infidelity, unrequited love, and burned bridges.

Stand Alone is an EP that is not going to reinvent the wheel but rather a modern interpretation on a time when cassette tapes, boomboxes, and 80’s glam bands reigned supreme. It is a twenty-first century journey through blues-rock from the late 70’s to the early 90’s, inspired by the greats of their time. With songs like ‘Dirty Ways’, ‘She’s Running’, and ‘Heart Attack’, Mancuso has created a neoteric collection of 80’s rock classics without the typical overuse of the synthesizer that Generation X and Y seemed to specialize in. Hard Riffs displays soaring guitar solos with solid backing bass lines and easy to understand lyrics sung by an even easier to get behind lead singer; Mancuso himself. It takes me back to the fond days of my childhood sitting in the garage with my father listening to his favorite songs by the bands who dominated the airways of his youth; such as Huey Lewis and the News, Duran Duran, Europe, the Dave Matthews Band, the Animals, and the Cult.

Stand Alone is the perfect album for rock fans tired of being subjected to the wave of today’s ‘indie’ rockers and a homage to some of the greatest music to make an entire generation of uptight, religious fanatics uncomfortable. Hard Riffs is sure to find a home in the hearts of the heavily rock’n’roll influenced Austin, Texas.

Hard Riffs will debut Stand Alone on June 30 at Barracuda along with special guests, Austin-natives Obsolete Machines and Hippo.

Tickets can be purchased here.

(Sam Powell and Harrell Williams performed on Stand Alone EP only and are not pictured)

Hard Riff-9740Hard Riff-9746Hard Riff-9749


Photos and article by: Demetrius Judkins