Wild Moccasins Close Out Look Together Tour at Cheer Up Charlies

Cheer Up Charlies blossomed Saturday night with a radiant explosion of colorful pastel pop and euphoric dream-wave ambiance as the “ambiguous everybody space” played host to the Wild Moccasins’ tour finale. The indie-pop quartet kicked off their month-long national tour in Houston on July 7th at White Oaks Music Hall with the release of their latest album, Look Together. The 12-track LP is the band’s first album in four years and comes after the dissolution of a decade-long romantic relationship between bandmembers Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann. Themes of love, loss and vulnerability are elaborated through a vibrant blend of nostalgic, 80’s synth-pop and dreamy, new-wave disco grooves that captivate the conscience, awaken the senses and ignite the dancefloor. CUC provided a splendid evening of intoxicating pop Saturday with Austin’s blissed-out, shoegaze quartet of spouses, Blushing, and psych-tinged pop-rockers SMiiLe warming the crowds’ appetite prior to the Moccasins’ headlining set. Check out a few highlights from the evening below captured by Mark Bowers.

Wild Moccasins





Photos by: Mark Bowers @markbowersphoto

Blushing’s Sophomore EP is Anything but ‘Weak’

Blushing’s promising 2017 debut left listeners with a lingering taste in their mouth and an eager need for more from the Austin dream-pop quartet. Now, an anticipatory year-long wait for their fan base later, the shoegaze pair of spouses return to soothe that yearning ache with a kiss on the forehead and a blissed-out sophomore follow-up, Weak.

Recorded at Bad Wolf Recordings and released via Austin Town Hall Records, the five-track EP paints a lucid soundscape of dreamy, atmospheric pop splashed with ambient waves of subtle psychedelia. The title track warms up with a stretch from Christina Carmona’s seraphic lead vocals before bursting into a radiant foray of sparkling instrumentals.

The velvety harmonies cascade over guitarist Noe Carmona’s anthemic, 80’s-esque pop chords enveloping the listener within a state of tranquility. ‘Hidden Places’ represents Blushing’s sharpest songwriting to date with its subliminal yet captivating chorus wrapped tightly with spiraling guitar chords and shattering percussion that rains over the track’s colorful crescendo.

My favorite, ‘Bliss’, is more of a smooth and starry voyage that floats effortlessly atop the tides of Noe’s strings while ‘Bound’ showcases a slightly grungier, indie-rock edge to Blushing – an incredible dynamic that shows no limits. This is also the track where Christina’s vocal range is best displayed through a catchy fluctuation within her serene timbre but Michelle Soto introduces the album’s finale with a chunky bassline that spawns the most uplifting track of the album. ‘Love You Twice’ is a golden track with positivity radiating out from within to finish the album.

There’s no wasted space within Weak’s dreamy ambiance. The hypnotic vocals and effervescent melodies are immersive without being heavy or over-saturated. It’s a calm, cool and confident sophomore project that just like the first, will leave listeners craving more shoegaze from Blushing.

Weak is now available digitally, on cassette and 12” vinyl. Blushing held the official Weak release party on a night dedicated to ‘friendship’ at Cheer Up Charlies with special guests Ringo Deathstarr, All in the Golden Afternoon and Single Lash


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Ringo Deathstarr



All in the Golden Afternoon

Golden Afternoon 2Golden Afternoon

Words: Douglas Leach
Wylie Sanchez @coyotebeardproductions