Bri Bagwell and ‘Beer Pressure’ Memories

Bri Bagwell is one of the hottest young stars in Country music right now. The independent, Red Dirt Country singer rocked over 160 shows on the road last year and lists her current location as ‘all over Texas and New Mexico’. Her latest single, ‘Beer Pressure’, is currently Texas Regional Radio Report’s ‘Song of The Week’ and sits at #14 on the publication’s chart. The celebratory video produced by AJ Vallejo, features Bagwell’s witty and relatable songwriting frosted with a catchy hook most of us know all too well. ‘Beer Pressure’ is one giant party we want to attend. But, don’t let the video fool you. This charming and charismatic young lady is all about the hustle.

Track Rambler caught up with Bagwell to reminisce over some of her best ‘beer pressure’ memories. So, pop a cold one and enjoy.

TR: ‘Beer Pressure’ is an influence many of us can relate to. How did you come up with the concept for the song?

BB: I had just come back from Christmas with my family down in New Mexico. My family has a way of getting you to drink a beer when you don’t want to… I guess that talent rubbed off on me as well! Ha. I put all of those reasons/excuses we get each other to drink beer into three minutes. (Your cousin just shot a deer! We have an extra bedroom so you don’t have to drive! Life is just too short!) I wrote the song in about an hour while stuck in the van on the way up to Steamboat, CO.

TR: Do you have any ‘beer pressure’ stories you care to share?

BB: One time, the band broke down on the way from NM to Texas. I had stayed behind with my family, so my dad and I drove two hours to pick them up. They were on the side of the road with an ice chest full of beer they had to walk a mile to get from a gas station. I knew that tow and van repair weren’t gonna be cheap, and the boys must’ve read that on my face. They handed me a beer, and we all just sat down and popped one open and drank them together behind the broken down van on the side of I-10. Sometimes it just makes you feel better.

TR: Other than Rebecca Creek Whisky, what might fans spot Bri Bagwell sipping on?

BB: I love Coors Light and Mexican beer of all varieties. Also, Rebecca Creek has an Enchanted Rock Peach vodka that is amazing with cranberry juice and some sprite. Anyone getting thirsty?

TR: The video shows you kicking back with a bunch of folks. Do you have a ‘best beer buddy’?

BB: Nothing beats drinking a Dos XX with my Mama and Daddy down in Las Cruces, NM on our back porch. My band (The Banned) are my favorite drinking partners on the road. They’re great guys, and my best buds. But, if you know me, I’ll drink a cold one with anyone! (There’s a song in there…)

TR: How was working with AJ Vallejo?

BB: AJ is insanely talented. Singing, guitar playing, producing records, you name it… I’ve never worked with him on a project like this, and it was everything that I expected! It was fun and it was completely me. AJ lets you be yourself, and encourages authenticity. Then he makes an amazing project that you love and had a blast making. Now we’ve recorded together, written together, and done a music video. Can’t wait to see what we come up with next!

TR: You spend a lot of time on the road touring. What do you like to do to wind down?

BB: I wouldn’t say that I ever “wind down!” I played over 160 shows last year, and when I’m not on the road, it’s gym, laundry, emails, and hustle. Haha! But I do enjoy a good glass of wine and I read a book every night before bed. That counts, right? If I had a choice, I’d be on a boat fishing in the sunshine.

TR: What’s up next for Bri Bagwell?

BB: Besides a trip to Mexico with Mark McKinney ( and a full show schedule every weekend for the foreseeable future, I am recording another record in a few weeks in Nashville for a release this fall. I could not be more excited about it! It’s been 2 years since my last record “When A Heart Breaks” came out, so I’m more than ready to give us all some new Bri tunes to listen to!


Catch Bri Bagwell and The Banned in Round Rock, TX at The Tavern on May 26th.


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