Corbella is Brewing a Storm With Their Debut Single

Rocky rain clouds have rolled in and the drought is finally coming to an end. The 10-day forecast predicts a powerful thunderstorm heading straight for Austin’s Red River District. Emboldened by a ferocious attitude and a refined sound, Corbella returns stronger than ever and ready to take the Austin music scene by “Storm” with their debut single on August 10th.

This particular rock n’ roll storm system has a familiar aura. That’s because Corbella previously tore through Austin’s music scene under the moniker Nomad City. But, in late 2017 the band subsided and began rebuilding towards a new direction.

We had a lot of influences telling us to try something different,” states powerhouse frontwoman Britny Lobas. “We reached a point where it was time to make a change.”

The time away has resulted in a liberated new attitude. A few tweaks here, an addition there, and a more collaborative approach overall towards creating led to the emergence of Corbella. The band retained that heavy rock base and whirlwind ferocity their fans craved. However, Corbella has modernized their sound and taken a fully revitalized form with more pop and hip-hop influences.

We’ve added more synth sounds and the product overall is much groovier,” states bassist Russell Simonson. “We’re just having fun with it now and the end-result definitely reflects our new attitude. Each one of us is interjecting more and bringing our own ideas and influences to the table and it’s really exciting feeding off one-another to create the highest quality product

The world will get to experience the new and improved Corbella on August 10th when the band drops their emotive debut single, “Storm”. “It’s an angry song…but really groovy and very attention grabbing,” clamors Lobas.

I was in a completely different place emotionally when we started writing the song. I was literally in the midst of a storm and felt hopeless. By the time we finished the song, I had completely overcome what I was going through personally. This song helped me get through what I was going through. There’s definitely some anger in “Storm.” But, there’s also a great deal of vulnerability and it’s ultimately empowering.”

Prepare to reinforce the levees and break out the life rafts. Corbella will unleash “Storm” at Swan Dive on August 10th with special guests Obsolete Machines and The Matters. For more information on Corbella and the single release party visit


Feature photo by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun