Mitchell Ferguson Paints a Picture of Change in His Latest Track Cry

Opening this month with the gentle burn that is his new single, Cry, Mitchell Ferguson has explored every inch of his soul and come back up for air with this intricately beautiful track.

A song that intrinsically captures the desperate footing a person feels when faced with change, Ferguson’s virtuous gravel tones send you right there to a long drop and crumbling rock beneath you turning your stomach.

This song is applicable, he isn’t alone in his lyrics – you’ll feel your own pain splayed across the track. Released June 2nd, this song will play in the minds of everybody scared for the future, everybody unsure of their next step and everybody looking for a hand to grab. Ferguson has extended his hand, fingers stretching towards you. This track will relinquish that fear of being alone.

Hitting the stage solo since 2015, the 24-year-old singer is far beyond his years in skill and experience – etching a song so perfectly emotional that you feel his anxiety eating your own heart, while yours slips away. A bittersweet beginning to the several new songs we can look forward to this year, he stayed busy in between tour dates during spring of 2018 by recording.

Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Jason Burt at Modern Electric Sound Recorders, and mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, Ferguson is one to keep close to you for this year. He’s ready to hold you up through the turbulence.