Dossey’s Plastic Diamonds are Everyone’s Best Friend

Dossey’s ‘Plastic Diamonds’ is such a fascinating enigma. The latest single from Austin’s new-wave, indie-pop artist illustrates her take on how things that were once so good can start to feel fake and counterfeit after a while.

As a traditional songwriter with American Folk roots, Dossey’s elegant interpretation of 80’s-based, synth-pop possesses a genuine sincerity that truly stands apart from contemporary pop. She can drain you of adrenaline and level you with emotion within the same verse. No matter the structure, there’s always a sense of heartfelt vulnerability within her songwriting and she never feels less than authentic. And that’s why it’s so intriguing to hear her describe the superficiality of life’s ‘Plastic Diamonds’ in her new single. It’s a soul-bearing track that resonates deep…but at the same time, gets the hips swinging and heart racing.

Making music and sharing it with the world in a matter of 3 minutes can make me feel very exposed,” admits Dossey. “Sometimes, I personally just need someone or something to remind me of my worth and tether me to reality.”

There are a few things that continue throughout the song consistently – the chord structure is on a loop, and the baseline kind of meanders up and down in the same pattern – to sort of allude to that idea of a reality tether.”

Dossey is developing into one of the brightest stars in Austin’s budding pop scene. ‘Plastic Diamonds’ is the second single from the indie artist this Summer and follows last month’s Jane Fonda-esque, leotard stretching ‘Hearbeats’ video. Dossey released ‘Plastic Diamonds’ Friday night at Empire Control Room with a mighty pop bill consisting of SIGNY, Wonderbitch and Palm Daze. Check out some of the show highlights below.

Dossey, SIGNY, Wonderbith and Palm Daze




Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melodirae

What Would Dossey Do?

DOSSEY, the solo project of musician and artist Sarah Dossey, is a uniquely pleasing auditory experience conceived from her background in bluegrass/folk in combination with her passion for electronic music. DOSSEY gained quick traction in the indie community with the release of her well-received freshman album Diamond (2015), an indie-folk and electronic crossover. Following the success of Diamond, a three song EP, aptly named Electric, was released in 2017. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the sweet electronic songstress to get a better idea of just who DOSSEY is.


TRACK RAMBLER (TR): What would you say has been your biggest mountain as an artist so far?
DOSSEY (D): “I’ve been performing in different facets for a long time but have never been a lead singer. That’s definitely a mountain that I’m still climbing. Figuring out how to be the person. It helps me to disassociate because I’m naturally pretty introverted.” I laughed knowingly and look at my camera. “Off-stage I’m not DOSSEY but on-stage, this is what DOSSEY does. Having the confidence to pull that off has taken a lot.”

TR: Do you have any rituals that you maintain?
D: “I try to drink a whiskey or two [we both smile in understanding]. I prefer to go into it prepared. I get myself into a room alone, take some deep breathes, visualize, and meditate a little bit. [In that moment] I’m leaving “Sarah” zone and entering “DOSSEY” zone. ‘How will DOSSEY do tonight?’ ‘What will she do?’ If I put myself in the right mindset then everything goes well.”

TR: How has the transition between genres been?
D: “It has been a huge learning curve for me. I can’t sing the same way for this project that I do for my bluegrass band. The sonic landscape is totally different. It has taken me a while to figure out why I like the music I like and what part of me has to deliver it. I had to figure out what sounds good and why. I have grown in a huge way since that realization. Now, I’m figuring out how to be the best. I’m definitely not there but I feel like I’m on my way up.”


DOSSEY will be performing this Friday, February 8th with Palm Daze and Finlay at the famed Stubb’s Austin. Tickets can be purchased here.


Article and photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun


Swan Dive Vibes With TOMKAT and Dossey

The I-35 connection was fully heated Friday night as Denton-based, electro-pop outfit, TOMKAT, hooked up with Austin’s synth-pop starlet, Dossey, at Swan Dive. No lie, this pop explosion has been circled on our calendar for a while now and it was every bit worth the wait.

Shortly after 10:00pm, immersive synth blasts engulfed the venue as Dossey, the electro-pop alter ego of Sarah Dossey, assumed control of the stage backed by Shy Beast’s Mariclaire Glaeser on keys and a hard-hitting repertoire of analog and digital electronic timbres. The homegrown artist who’s become a mainstay at Swan Dive made her debut in 2015 with Diamond and recently released the first of a two-part series in Electric, which was played in its entirety Friday…including her sweet cover of Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’. Her straight forward dance beats and intricate pop melodies are infectiously catchy with ambient soundscapes and captivating vocals you can’t help but succumb to. Friday was the last Dossey show of the year. But, pay attention to Swan Dive’s calendar and check her website for upcoming shows.

More and more fans began to pack Swan Dive once TOMKAT took over the venue. Led by vocal enchantress, Katrina Cain, the band trekked 3 hours south to show off their highly acclaimed debut LP, Icarus. Born from rock, jazz, classical, metal, and R&B musicians, TOMKAT consists of Cain (vocals), Andrew McMillan (guitar), Mike Luzecky (bass), Jonny Harmon (drums), and Trenton Hull (synths).

A petite powerhouse, Cain packs a huge punch on stage, especially when layering seductive vocals over the sensual groove of ‘Teardrops‘…a single Huffington Post considers “one of the best songs of the year.” But it’s through ‘Persephone‘ that the tempting siren pulls the crowd deeper into Icarus. The band’s unique electronic groove blends everything from dreamy pop and classy jazz to shimmering rock and rich RnB while covering a realm of lyrical topics stretching from ancient myths to current heartbreaks. Diversely fit for just about any setting, Icarus can soothe a soul, jump-start a jazz bar or heat-up a bedroom…and as witnessed on Friday, damn-sure turnout Swan Dive.

For everyone in Austin hoping to catch TOMKAT again, have no fear. The band was recently accepted to play SXSW 2018. So, be on the lookout. In the meantime, enjoy these fantastic images from Friday’s show captured by Matthew Carlin.



TOMKAT – ‘Drowning’ (Official Video)

Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Shy Beast Release Debut EP at Swan Dive

Austin’s dreamy, indie-pop outfit Shy Beast celebrated their debut EP Friday night at Swan Dive supported by a powerhouse local lineup. The self-titled debut represents a natural maturation for the spirited pop band who previously rocked Austin under the moniker of MCG and is reflective of their growth towards a sophisticated pop outfit of anthemic proportions.

Produced by Danny Reisch (White Denim, Okkervil River, Bright Light Social Hour), the debut EP features three infectiously uplifting, synth-layered tracks that meaningfully illustrate a common experience about human nature.

The band consists of singer and keyboardist Mariclaire Glaeser, rhythm guitarist and vocalist David Tenczar, lead guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Andrew Bennett, bassist Jay Cesak (aka Jayzilla) and Drew Silverman on the drums. Gleaser may lead the band…however, each member contributes to the creation process as Glaeser, Tenczar and Bennett each wrote one of the three tracks of Shy Beast.

Last month, leading up to the album’s release, the band premiered the video for lead single “Back With Me”. “The video, uses movement, replacement, color, and light, to explore a woman’s transition from the feeling of being trapped in an apologetic spiral, to a deepening trust and confidence in herself,” states Glaeser.

At the EP Release Party, it became evident why the band chose the new identity. Shy Beast is a particularly fitting name for the outfit’s leading lady, Glaeser. She’s a self-described, “relatively shy and certainly awkward person.” But, on stage, the towering frontwoman comes alive with a commanding presence and seductive confidence that alludes to her internal beastly nature.

The EP Release Party began with a lavish, dance-inducing set of soaring synths and ambient vocals form homegrown electro-pop songstress and resident Swan Dive starlet Dossey. The Austin product’s performance featured the entirety of her latest EP, Electric, along with several favorites from her debut effort, Diamond. Dossey is the electro-pop alter-ego of artist, songwriter, enigma Sarah Dossey, who is also a member of Austin-based folk/bluegrass outfits The Reliques and Indian & The Jones.

Next up was local indie rockers Slomo Drags. This nostalgic, four-piece considers themselves equal parts pop gold and noisy guitar irreverence. The band shimmers and crunches in melodic, transgressive power pop harmony with diverse song structures that are tight and crisp while also colorfully loose and flexible. This is boisterous rock with a surreal pop twist that culminates in damn-fine entertainment.

The evening also featured experimental electronic-pop and folky trip-hop trio Fort Never who took the crowd on a transcendental, digitized fantasy. The trio consists of producer and songwriter, Timothy Ruch, singer Chantell Moody and drummer Deano Cotè. The eclectic, avante-garde band pulls from a huge range of influences and genres to defy categorization with their forward-thinking and innovative approach towards music composition and direction. For a wild trip take a gander at Fort Never’s latest video for “Paradigm”.

In the meantime, check out some of the highlights below from Shy Beast’s EP Release Party captured by Valerie Riels.

Shy Beast


Fort Never


Slomo Drags




Photos by: Valerie Riel @photo.atx