CAPYAC Leaves a Lasting Impression With ‘Fade Out’

Chilled, smooth yet strong, and deliciously satisfying. Just like a good drink, CAPYAC’s Fade Out is a song best served over ice. The low- key track with a lasting impression is the perfect accompaniment to a nonchalant night spent with friends.

Inside an almost too trendy bar where the clientele look almost too cool is exactly where this track belongs. With a range of mingling genres on one track, sounds of Hip Hop, R&B, and electronic music make this track completely unparalleled. Soulful sounding vocals and bursting blows of brass uniting with sci- fi sounding electronica, somehow make the perfect synergy. The slick feature of Austin MC, RuDi Devino drives the music well into both mainstream and hip- hop territory. The sheer variety of cooled down characteristics with vibrant vibes makes this a top chilled track for almost any ears.

Unlike CAPYAC’s Bubblegum and much more like Talk About, it won’t leave you wiping beads of sweat from your forehead on the dancefloor, but it will leave you with a similar radiant glow as the playful tempo and sunshine beat fills you with carefree bliss. The band couldn’t have devised a more fitting title for the tune. From the very first beat the stress and anxiety of modern day reality simply fizzles and fades out, transporting you to a worryless wonderland.

CAPYAC’s sense of fun and imagination that’s pumped endlessly into their music makes their records the perfect form of escapism. With their music already catching the attention of fans in Europe, Korea, and Japan, it’s no doubt that their future in music is anticipated to be fruitful. With the bands notorious sense of quirk, their summer tour is set to be truly unmissable.

You can catch CAPYAC’s tour across the US from August 22nd 2017 at the following venues.

Aug 22 – Nashville, TN – ACME Feed & Seed
Aug 24 – Hot Springs, AR – Maxine’s
Aug 25 – Tulsa, OK – Fassler Hall
Sep 7 – Austin, TX – Mohawk


Written by: Beth Judge