Femina-X Takes Stubb’s On a Starry Voyage Through The Multiverse

It feels as though an eternity has passed since Femina-X last visited Austin. Their previous show in the ‘keeping it weird city’ came way back in July of 2017. Since then, the Latin alternative band released their highly acclaimed debut album Multiverse, featuring the award winning single “Black Tongue”, and is currently a month away from dropping their much-anticipated sophomore follow-up, KIVA. They are working to put together an Austin release show to go along with KIVA’s official release party at Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio on July 6th. However, at this time, sadly the capital city is not a listed stop on their upcoming KIVA Tour. So, catching Femina-X last Thursday at Stubb’s with our good friends Ladyfang was an absolute must.

Led by passionate and fearless vocalist, Daniela Riojas, Femina-X delivered a seductively captivating performance at the legendary Austin venue that was every bit worth the wait. Their Latin-flavored fantasia fusion of ethereal electronics, unconventional pop-rock, and ethnic dance melodies stretches the boundaries of the imagination and delves into a blissful realm of spirituality.

The band blends Native/Afro-Latino, Caribbean and American southwestern elements into a multi-layered menudo for the soul. Psychedelic ambiance fills the atmospheric soundscape around Sangria-sweet sonnets from the bilingual Riojas. Their set at Stubb’s grew more and more intimate with each song as Femina-X took the crowd on starry voyages through the “Cosmos”, lush jungle jam safaris of “Heroine”, and the Peruvian highlands of “Inca”. Their transcendental performance spoke to the heart, spirit and imagination in creating a dream world of possibilities. I know it’s only a month away…but, KIVA can’t get here soon enough.

Femina-X at Stubb’s

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Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun

Femina-X Bare Their “Black Tongue”

San Antonio’s tribe-rock Femina-X has teamed up with award-winning director Diego Lozano to release the official music video for “Black Tongue,” a breakout single from Femina-X’s debut 2017 album, Multiverse.

Written by lead singer Daniela Riojas, “Black Tongue” diaries the pitfalls of a failing relationship that is riddled with betrayal. With an Aztec theme that is grandiose in execution, the futuristic video incorporates the story of goddess Tlazoteotl, the “Filth Eater” who purifies souls of sinners, and Coatlicue, the “Serpent Goddess.”

This visual became the center point for developing the character (me) in a situation where her toxic relationship becomes the antithesis of Tlazoteotl; where instead of being purified, her partner injects toxicity and filth into her and they become inevitably entangled in suffering,” Riojas said.

Tension is drawn from the darkness of the cinema and the ethereal noisescape, creating an unnerving discomfort with a soothing release.

I wanted people to see and accept imagery they often repress and run from, so they could transcend some of their fears and judgments,” Lozano said.

Altogether, the video’s production quality is outstanding and goes hand-in-hand with the bewitching track. Femina-X becomes an experience with such a vital visual component becoming a part of the “Black Tongue” story.

Femina-X will be touring in July and August in select cities with a live set that will intoxicate and hypnotize.


Written by: Sawyer Click