Lolita Lynne Shines Bright With Fool’s Moon

Lolita Lynne creates a totally chilled out, daydream soundtrack during her latest EP, Fool’s Moon. Her simplistic approach to making genuine, heartfelt music is humbling and a pure pleasure to wind down with.

With a distinctive twist on 60’s style psychedelic pop, the homemade vibes evoked through her earthy vocals give the hint of a subtle indie feel, creating a sound authentically modern.

Lolita’s track “Enslaved“, featuring Yvonne Lambert, is utterly funky, cheeky and screams sunshine vibes. Just like her tracks “Fool’s Moon” and “I Won’t“, the songs are truly jazzed up, sounding just like something you’d hear in a coffee shop or a luxury hotel lounge. It’s a sign the music is all about relaxation. The instrumentals are simplistic and consistent, but intertwined with her effortlessly soft vocals it’s dreamy. When her deep and cryptic lyrics are combined with distorted strings during “Human“, lines like “please forgive me I’m not worthy” become hair raising.

Through a combination of jazzy toe tapping tunes and enchanting lyrics, Lolita reveals her story and lets her personality flow through Fool’s Moon. The soothing purity of her sound is impeccably engaging creating the perfect laze soundtrack for the end of the day.


Written by: Beth Judge