Seth Glier Calls For Action Against Fracking With Latest Single ‘Water On Fire’

A bridge of understanding between freedom and capitalism, ‘Water On Fire’ is Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Seth Glier’s latest single. An early release from his fifth album Birds – just released on the 25th, the track features Glier’s brightly optimistic disposition in a brand new, devastating expedition into the controversies of fracking. Intense lyrics and an alluring tone, the single screams against the injustice, he feels.

I wrote ‘Water On Fire‘ to explore the falsehood between freedom and capitalism.” The environmentally-aware singer said. “Water On Fire‘ was inspired after a conversation with a friend in Oklahoma who’s been dealing with daily earthquakes in his home ever since his state started aggressively fracking. I believe that climate change might be taken a bit more seriously if we started calling it what it actually is, which is violence. Violence against our resources, violence against species, and violence to our children.

The folk singer’s unique voice, coarse as the gravel of the land he’s defending, is offset by a metallic ‘clanging’ in the background – a perfect representation of the harsh attack on the earth while softening his voice and lending an authoritative elegance to his tone. A carefully constructed culmination of heartbreaking dismay and ignored calls to action, this track is truly a depiction of past and future combined.

A single bursting at the seams with environmental emotion, the album quickly turns to a collection of Glier’s political views, strong and pushing. From fracking to the death penalty, this album is both a lesson about contemporary politics and his own vendetta blended perfectly to peak interest and awaken the fury in his fan base – and, hopefully, further.

Soon to be with us in Austin, you can find him at the Cactus Café on November 11th.

Author: Megan Matthews
GMD Three