Talking See You Later Simulator With Ghostland Observatory

Yes, it’s true. Ghostland Observatory has returned from bathing and relaxing in the cosmos with the most sophisticated album in their intergalactic repertoire. After four previous records and years of headlining shows across the country, Ghostland took an extended hiatus to reset and get the creativity flowing like never before. Thomas and Aaron now invite you for a wild ride with a full tour and a fresh new album, See You Later Simulator.

“We worked hard on this record, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come,” Aaron says. “This is our rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ashes, and we have no plans to slow down. We’re stepping out of the weird simulation we’ve been in, and coming back into the world for the beginning of round two.”

We had the privilege to speak with GLO during their current North American tour. Check out what they had to say below about the new album and what’s next for GLO.


First and foremost, how has it been being back on the road as GLO?

Thank you! It feels great. We spent a lot of time putting together our new stage design so it’s so nice to see people’s reactions. We are mixing the new songs in with our back catalogue so the set has a lot of energy!

See You Later Simulator feels more like a methodical journey when compared to GLO’s bombastic early work. What was the idea behind the album and what sort of themes were you hoping to capture?

When we decided to make a new record we just went in to the studio and got straight to work. Everything that came out was really natural and raw. We would have some conversation at the beginning of each session just to catch up on what we were up to that day then we would fire up the equipment and communicate musically. Sometimes not really talking to each other until we completed a song. It’s very interesting how the process works. We know what each other is thinking and where we should go with out too much chatting.

What were you each able to learn during your time apart and what new ideas were you able to incorporate into the new album?

We just felt as though we were ready to write together again. We had tried before and it just felt wrong but this writing process was different. It felt like these songs needed to be created. It was kind of like when we first started working on the delete record. Plus we weren’t juggling a hectic tour schedule so we were able to focus completely on the music.

Was there any adjustment period when you guys got back into the studio or was it just like old times?

It was really like old times but better!

How have the die hard GLOheads taken to the new album and the band’s seemingly new direction?

I think they are enjoying the new record . I think after taking such a long break it would have been very disappointing to re do what we’ve already done in the past.
The fans at shows are really excited about the new songs.

You’ve compared the new album to the metaphor of the Phoenix. Do you feel like See You Later Simulator is an accurate representation of where GLO is at right now?

I believe it! We are so thankful to be out on tour again and we are very proud of the new record!

Can GLO fans look forward to more new music?

I think so! We are really enjoying the whole process of creating and touring so we are in a very positive and exciting place now. We feel great about how 2018 has been and we are looking forward to the rest of this tour and things to come!


Ghostland Observatory will be at Stubb’s on Oct. 25th. Tickets here

Ghostland Observatory’s NYE Space Oddity at Mohawk

What better way to ring in the New Year than with Ghostland Observatory’s NYE 2017: A Space Oddity at Mohawk. The funky, homegrown, electro-rock icons capped off their small Texas tour in Austin with a New Year’s Eve celebration featuring a 2001: A Space Odyssey themed performance compiled with a tribute to David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity.’

Sunday’s sub-freezing temperatures didn’t stop a sold-out crowd from packing the Red River hotspot to accompany GLO on an intergalactic voyage into 2018. The uncharacteristic central Texas snow flurries even added a special, transcendental element to the extraordinary NYE party.

Sensing the crowd’s shivering anticipation, a sun-shaded Aaron Behrens and vampire-caped Thomas Ross Turner took the Mohawk stage 20 minutes prior to their listed 11:30pm set time. The snow had ceased and the Austin crowd roared as Behrens’ robotic vocals shot out across a frenzied set of fiery laser beams during the ‘People Say’ opening and the space-age journey was underway with ‘Glitter’. By the fourth track, it was obvious GLO was the ‘Life of the Party’.

Sliced just above the waistline by rapid beams of blue, green and white lasers, Behrens rocked through an entrancing 3-minute guitar solo during the instrumental chorus of ‘Midnight Voyage’ and the entire crowd shot their hands towards the sky with fingers magically dancing over the keyboard break of ‘Piano Man’.

At the 45-minute mark, GLO took a moment to impart promising words of wisdom for the New Year and counted down to midnight with the crowd as ‘Auld Lang Syne’ played in the background and confetti poured from the sky. Then, GLO rolled right into an uplifting rendition of ‘Silver City’ to start the New Year.

However, the evening’s most inspirational moment came from watching Behrens lean back and sway across the stage, arm extended forward, waving back-and-forth, steering the crowd into 2018 with ‘destination’s still unknown / and ‘The Band Marches On’”. Halfway through ‘Sad Sad City’ the Mohawk had transformed from a literal icebox to a foggy hotbox with the entire crowd chanting along ‘I…need you…to want me, to hold me…to tell me the truth. Yeah!

Celebrating New Year’s with Ghostland Observatory at Mohawk was not only the most spectacular way to end 2017…but, also the greatest possible way to launch 2018. Happy New Year…and the band marches on.

Ghostland Observatory at Mohawk


Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Ghostland Observatory w/ Night Drive at Stubb’s Photo Recap

Ghostland Observatory’s entire approach to music – sonically, aesthetically, conceptually – is essentially a melding of the two distinctly different personalities of its two members, Thomas Ross Turner and Aaron Behrens. Whereas Turner, the producer/drummer/keyboardist of the duo, finds solace in the minimal, bleak cable-patch squawks of Karlheinz Stockhausen and the analog-disco-thump of Giorgio Moroder, Behrens’ interests lie more along the lines of psychedelia, rock and various country and blues artists.

The result is a shimmering, pulsing pop music that is at once kinetically alive with Behrens’ striking vocals and driving guitar work but also anchored firmly by Turner’s percussive beats and Moog-generated melodies and hooks. Common descriptions include “electro-dance rock,” “synth-funk” and “Freddie Mercury-helms-Daft Punk.”

Deciding to produce a style of music that as yet existed only in their collective consciousnesses; Behrens and Turner formed Ghostland Observatory in Austin in 2003 and haven’t looked back since. They now sell out prominent venues across the country, have played at Lollapalooza, Bonaroo, Coachella and the Austin City Limits music festival, which they headlined, and continue to play at various music festivals and venues around the globe to an ever increasing fan base, thanks to their now-famous live shows.

Last weekend, Ghostland Observatory blasted Stubb’s with their pulsating laser light show notorious for giving photographers fits while invigorating the crowd with savage energy. Austin-based synth-pop duo, Night Drive, opened the evening with flourish of sci-fi inspired cinematic soundscapes. Night Drive creates modern synth-pop that explores the darker currents of abstract emotion. Infectious melodies wrapped in thoughtful lyrics with pulsing dance beats unveil a stylish, energetic sound that has been featured in film, tv and radio around the world. Check out the show highlights below captured by Demetrius Judkins
Ghostland Observatory


Night Drive

night drive-1night drive-2646night drive-2718


Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun