Nnamdi Ogbonnaya at Hotel Vegas – Photo Recap 10/16

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya has paved his way into the minds of his fans as a multi-instrumentalist composer, producer and ultimately a performer. A skill set that was forged in Chicago, Nnamdi is ubiquitous in the music scene across multiple genre disiplines.

Spending the night at Hotel Vegas on 10/16, with Sen MorimotoNnamdi took to the stage and unleashed his well-practiced, sophisticated sound – jazzy, but harsh; soft, but fast. A relaxed night that still had hearts beating faster, below is a snapshot of the show.


Photographer: J. Alan Love

Dirty Fences and the Lunacy of Goodbye Love

With denim and leather being the only materials to reach the inside of their wardrobe, lengths of dark hair tousled aside their faces, and their wavy aura that screams ‘we’re probably cooler than you’, you’d seemingly mistake Dirty Fences as a rock band stepped straight out of the 80’s. However, despite their time-traveled funk, the NYC-based ensemble are far from old news. Dirty Fences latest album Goodbye Love is a powerfully unique take on the pop-punk sound, as vocalist and guitarist, Jack Daves of the band touches upon. The songs on this album offer a hectic animation through the instrumentals that cloud over the murky undertone of the bewitching vocals.

An insane example of just how punchy the album is, is the whirlwind of a track, and first music video release from the album, ‘Teen Angel’. Blink and you’ll miss it, with a high-energy bubblegum beat and lucid lyrics, the track has pop-punk squirted all over it. It feels like it’s straight out of an American Pie movie. It’s completely contagious. The track’s ludicrous twang couldn’t fit the ‘Teen Angel’ music video more perfectly if it tried. Set at the most ridiculous birthday party in history, with ample amounts of oddities, think Project X, but set on a completely different planet. If there was any track that could prove Dirty Fences individuality in the music scene right now, it’s this.

Another incredible addition to the album is ‘Message From Anyone’. With a boisterous lead guitar that opens and closes the track, which Jack describes as “some nasty little Ronnie Wood type riff”. At times the song seems to embrace a subtle country western sound, especially during those guitar riffs, yet somewhat disguised with the heaps of rock and roll vibes, pushed through the smashing cymbals and rolling drums allowed to take a front seat here. With the song all wrapped together with some infectiously energetic lyrics, it’s completely crazy. There are no doubts as to why this is a hot favorite with the band, and their favorite to perform on tour, as Jack reveals.


Beyond the fun and games however, Jack describes the true meaning between the song and album title ‘Goodbye Love’, fastening links between the Everly Brothers classic ‘Bye Bye Love’ and his own personal experiences. Jack reveals how the touring lifestyle can be addictive, and how this can ultimately tear him away from his loved ones. He continues,

“The song is about embracing the fact that though this lifestyle can cause that heartbreak, it also offers the escape from it too. The album title “Goodbye Love” is not necessarily a reference to the track on the record but a reminder that there’s a lot of pain and love lost on here”

Despite the heavy tenor, and repeated lyrics “looked her dead in the eye and there’s no one home” epitomizing the tour life torment, the instrumentals completely justify the escapism that Jack talks about, with bouncing beats and infinite guitars, the surface of the kooky visage blankets the rooted reality.

As Goodbye Love released in the October just passed, Jack revels at just how incredible the experience and response has been so far. Even their autumn performances in Europe, to those yet to hear their new material before, were singing along to the catchy lyrics. Jack recalls, “They were mouthing completely incorrect words but were definitely digging it.”

It’s impossible to say that the band aren’t truly dedicated to the music, with the guys playing almost 50 shows in just two months, and raring to continue the tour over the next two months across the U.S.

With Austin being an early, and eagerly anticipated, stop on the map during Dirty Fences tour, Jack promises that we’re in for a treat and a whole lot of nuttiness. Accompanied by the state’s own Trouble Boys and Cheap Fur, Jack says, “We fit right in with the lunatics at Hotel Vegas. It’s been a home to us for many years now and tour stop we always look forward to. We sure let our hair down there!”

After a jam packed year so far, the bands immense energy shows no sign of drying up anytime soon, with Jack assuring us that Dirty Fences has a hefty year ahead. The band’s 2018 is filled to the brim with more tours, (including the U.S, Canada, and Europe), oodles of festival performances, and the especially exciting hint of new singles, music videos, and a live album.

Goodbye Love is a completely crazy journey from start to finish, stretching the band, and pop-punk genre, to the furthest limits. Despite the sometimes heavier messages embedded here, the album seems to truly restore and strengthen the belief of having fun with music in every way possible, and with Dirty Fences paving the way in pop-punk right now, it’s impossible not to.

See Dirty Fences and supporting acts at Hotel Vegas on Jan. 12. For additional info and tour dates visit http://www.dirtyfencesworld.com/.


Written by: Beth Judge

Moving Panoramas Play Hotel Vegas for HAAM Benefit Day

Austin dream gaze project, Moving Panoramas, are one of the best bands in Texas right now. Their expansive dream pop is infectiously intoxicating filled with soothing harmonies and twisting guitar chords. The eclectic four-piece, led by Leslie Sisson, released their debut album, One, in 2015 and have developed a loyal following not only in Austin, but all around the state of Texas. The band was one of over 200 performers for Tuesday’s HAAM Benefit Day to help bring all of Austin together to sing praise for keeping our musicians alive and well and let customers, businesses and music lovers across Austin do their part to help Austin musicians. Check out the highlights below from Moving Panoramas at Hotel Vegas and be sure to catch Moving Panoramas tonight at West Elm in Austin.

For more information visit http://movingpanoramas.com/

Photos By: Ines Matias @ines_studiomatias

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Thee Oh Sees at Hotel Vegas Photo Recap

California garage rockers, Thee Oh Sees, have stretched the boundaries of rock to its limits for two decades now and remain just as entertainingly chaotic as ever. Under one moniker or another, the band has experimented in everything from classic psychedelia to punk rock and artsy alternative. Considered one of the cornerstone bands of the post-millennium garage/psych resurgence, “Thee Oh Sees represent a purposefully chaotic fusion of guitar and synth noise, strong and elemental melodies, and addled but focused attacks.” After enduring a brief transitional period and a minor name change to just Oh Sees now, the band released their 19th full-length album, Orc, in August of 2017. As fans have come to expect from Oh Sees, Orc pushes the limits of conceptual rock music and bridges new terrain beyond the psychedelic bazaar. Currently touring in support of the new album, Oh Sees brought their experimental psychedelia to Austin’s Hotel Vegas for a Labor Day feast. Photographer Jon Roberts caught some of the action from the crowd.




Photos by: Jon Roberts