No Need to be ‘Insecure’! Shane’s Video Reaches a Million Views

I’m a keen believer that an artist forgoing their surname has a direct correlation to their talent (take Usher, for example, nobody questions him) and Shane is no exception. The 24-year old recently released a video for ‘Insecure’, one of the six songs on his EP – Sad, which, using my aforementioned logic, can only be described as the justification of his lack of a surname.

Maybe I’m not telling you anything new, especially if you were one of the two million lucky people who’ve already seen this video, posted to his Facebook. But, whether you believe me or not, this triple threat – I mean, have you seen his dancing? – is unsigned (for now), and working in California to kill the time between wooing girls in churches.

The dancing, obviously, is a key part of the music video. But would you believe, Shane didn’t just follow directions, oh no. He choreographed it. That Magic Mike-esque dance sequence? All him! Incredible. There really is something for everybody in this video; a pretty girl, a pretty boy, a rebellion against conformity, a few jazzy dance moves, and even a church. What more do you want?

Now, I know, you’re thinking “triple threat? Singing, dancing, what’s his third talent?” Well, he only went and edited the video, didn’t he? The boy doesn’t need a surname with skills like that.
While the audio is his heart-wrenching love ballad, with a relatable hook, the video introduces the notion of the song being a duet. It features Shane’s female co-star professing her insecurities (I see what you did there, Shane) through lip-syncing to his voice, grinning the way I’m sure Sandy did when Danny Zuko danced for her. It perfectly captures that fear of falling for somebody, while the electrifying dancing simultaneously acts as a visual synonym for the excitement that accompanies it.

As fun to watch as the video is (believe me, I watched it more than once), definitely check out the rest of the EP, produced by Craig Williams and completely written by Shane, on Spotify or iTunes.


Written by: Megan Matthews

Original article dated June 16, 2016