Sam Pace & The Gilded Grit Deliver a Knockout With Judgement Eve

Make way for the heavy weight champ and get rocked by Sam Pace and The Gilded Grit’s latest album. The Big Dog guitar slinger lands a heavy, soul-rattling knockout with Judgement Eve, a down-and-dirty blues project stuffed with raging rock attitude.

Produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith, Judgement Eve represents Pace’s third studio album since arriving in Austin via Milwaukee seven years ago. And the Big Dog comes out swinging in Judgement Eve with a furious, psychedelic roundhouse to “Punch ‘Em In The Ear”. Blistering guitar riffs reverberate around Pace’s burly baritone howls and cantorial delivery with this tenacious heavy-hitter. Fretwork creeps towards a more methodical pace during “It All Comes Back To You” before the booming, chorus rapturously calls upon karma’s verdict. Pace’s vocals are immediately distinguishable combining the growling intensity of Neil Fallon with the polished, cantorial assertiveness of Leonard Cohen. Power chords and scorching, arena rock guitar solos intermingle with deep, murky blues themes and soul-packed gospel undertones creating Pace’s most confident and versatile album to date. The Big Dog shows no remorse for getting his hands dirty to knock you on your ass with Judgement Eve.

The album has three years-worth of livin’ crammed in it…a whole lotta love and anger…and the best sounds we’ve ever put out,” claims Pace.” There’s no doubt about that. Judgement Eve struts with soulful swagger and straight-up rock n’ roll bravado.

Sam Pace and The Gilded Grit are currently touring North America. You can find additional information and tour dates on the band’s website.

Sam Pace and The Gilded Grit – Official Video “Undertow”

Judgement Eve Release Party at Swan Dive on June 1st.


Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt