Surprise! Surprise! Kady Rain Was One of The Bad Kids

Of course Kady Rain has a rebellious streak. Everything about the dashing diva screams liberation. From her glowing neon hair and scantily clad extravagance to the tongue-bathed, single digit salute of her Spotify profile, Kady doesn’t merely walk on the wild side. She is the wild side.

Austin’s most dazzling pop sweetheart may seem like a bag of Skittles now. But, you know damn-well Kady Rain was a Sour Patch Kid growing up…and she’ll tell you all about it with her brand new single, ‘Bad Kids’.

Written by ringleader Kady, her partner in crime Ben Bazzrea, and fellow pop starlet Ariel Abshire, ”’Bad Kids’ is an anthem for ne’er do wells everywhere. It’s a song dedicated to every teenager who skipped school, stole their parent’s liquor and cigarettes, and made out with strangers at parties,” claims Kady.

This is for all the misfits who don’t give a fuck about what other people think; the rebels who go out and do whatever the hell they want! 

‘Bad Kids’ is like a guilty pleasure. You just can’t help yourself to enjoy it so much. The bouncing xylophone carries Kady’s tempting vocals through a groovy pop labyrinth of goodiness.  It’s an infectiously catchy dance track that will peer pressure you into singing along with the chorus. But, be careful and try not to give in too much to Kady. She’s the girl your parents warned you about and will have you breaking all the rules before you know it.

‘Bad Kids’ is Kady’s third single of the Summer and comes on the heals of hits ‘It Wasn’t The Roses’ and ‘Lonely One’. We imagine something huge may be coming from the lovely Soda Pop Queen very soon.


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Photo Cred: Sophia Lawson @sophiahelenelawson

LAYNE Fills Sidewinder With Enticing Pop-Rock

The Black Hills of South Dakota are probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think of emotion-laden pop-rock. But, the geographical imprint of Layne Putnam’s rural upbringing in the isolated, pine-covered mountains has heavily influenced her enticing sound. From the get-go, Putnam has absorbed inspiration from her immediate surroundings. Yet, it was not until the singer-songwriter/guitarist relocated form the shadows of Mount Rushmore to The City of Angels that LAYNE was fully discovered in her truest form.

Led by powerhouse Putnam, LAYNE is an indie pop-rock band that’s musically driven by emotion and environment. Their music is ridden with tight single note guitar parts, tough drums, thick bass lines and atmospheric synths. LAYNE released their debut EP, Wednesday, in the Fall of 2017; a project described as an emotional journey with a lot of self-discovery and introspection. The band is currently wrapping up their Spring tour and has been in the process of working on new music until an unfortunate $20K set-back occurred on the road.


Thankfully, LAYNE pushed on with the tour and rolled through Austin’s Sidewinder last Friday. The show began with Austin Alt-punk rockers Casino AM who are also putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming EP.

Speaking of brand new music, our favorite soda pop starlet, Kady Rain, followed Casino AM debuting a brand new single while also upholding her long-standing tradition of looking fresh af. Rain is currently working to give the world more of her sweet, audible cotton candy and continuing her quest to make great pop music in Austin. Check out her GoFundMe to see what the life-size Princess Lolly’s got cooking.

Following Austin’s pop princess was Toronto’s Selfish Things who just released an EP of their own in March with Vertical Love. The four-piece led by Alex Biro strike a more introspective and heavier note blending emo-pop with 90’s alt-rock and a slight grunge edge paving the way for the emotive pop of the headliner, LAYNE. Check out a few highlights below from the show.



Selfish Things


Kady Rain


Casino AM


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Kady Rain Needs You!

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and Austin’s candy land queen is in need. Having just launched her GoFundMe, the pop singer, Kady Rain is looking to raise enough money to continue harvesting sunshine within her music – but she can’t do that alone.

That’s your cue.

Calling upon her fans that span across 50 countries, her aim is $15,000 – an eye-watering amount, that I’ve accepted is far out of my own bank account’s reach anytime soon, she’s thankful for each dollar that’s contributed: every little helps, right?

Every donation from $10 has some kind of ‘reward’ to show Kady’s gratitude, and the money will go towards a variety of music-y type things ranging from videos, to photo shoots to actually recording new music that she hopes to kick-start as soon as the end of April.

“I’ve always wanted to be a full-time musician and there have definitely been times when I thought, ‘oh, maybe it won’t happen for me’ but y’all get me through the day.

“Every time someone tells me they loved my EP, or this or that song is their favorite and they listen to it over and over, it really warms my heart.

“Before there’s any money, all you have is the dream and the people who believe in you. And that’s you.”

Find the link to her GoFundMe below, and keep your eyes peeled for Kady Rain this coming summer (and if you don’t know who Kady is, then check out the video below for reason as to why you should help!)

Words: Megan Matthews

Kady Rain Talks; Her Style, Ben Bazzrea and Future Plans

Kady Rain is unique, she’s organic, she’s ‘pure sunshine with a beat’ quickly turning all rainy days into summer love and happiness. With a new single dropping on August 18th, she’s quickly becoming the bright Sunday morning that you need so badly. A musician from an early age, she revealed how she got to her candy-colored, sugary self, when I caught up with her recently.
I feel like it’s time to come clean about something.” She began. “ I loved Princess Lolly from Candyland so much when I was younger that I used to cheat every time I played, sorry to my sister, and I would put her in my hand. This is relevant because my look is half Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and half Princess Lolly from Candyland.

After beginning her adventure into musical virtuosity at 11, when her dad bought her the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine on VHS, she fell in love with the romance, the stories behind each song and a little bit with John Lennon – he was very cute, y’know?

They are incredible story tellers, and the fact that they had movies that went along with their songs just blew my mind. I wanted to figure out what was behind the genius, the magic, so I set out to learn all of their songs.” The Texan popstar explained, before going on to advise “Listen to everything. You never know what will inspire you.”

Currently working on a full-length album together with Ben Bazzrea, she traded her crush on John Lennon for love with Ben as they endeavor to make their mark in the music world. With two of the planned ten songs complete, excitement is buzzing already over the sure-to-be ebullient track list as they mark Austin Pride on their calendar as the day to premier their latest single, the duo’s first endeavor with an Australian producer.

When Ben and I first started working together, we weren’t working on an EP or a project or anything really, we were just writing songs on his front porch,” she explains of the partnership.

He is my rock, my biggest supporter. He is the one who gets me up in the morning and gets me working even if I’m not feeling my best that day. Ben is the reason that this dream has come to life for me and I will never be able to thank him enough. It takes dedication to do this, and Ben is unwavering. I love him for it and I eagerly look forward to making music with him until we’re knobby kneed and grey.”

Just out of releasing ‘All I Ever Wanted’ with Ben, and already keeping busy with two new projects, Kady’s learnt a lot about the process. “Making a song come to life is hard!” she confides, “It is not the process that everyone thinks it is. It takes a lot of work, editing, and more work at each of the various stages of a song’s lifecycle. I would never have been able to do this by myself, and I learned to rely on and trust other people with my vision.

A childhood music-lover herself now living her dream, she implores all little girls and boys serenading passing cars to “Keep doing it, and don’t listen to the people that tell you that you’re weird or that you can’t do something. Because you can, and you can change the world. Tell your story, be yourself, and love yourself for who you are. Everything else is just extra. You aren’t weird, you are amazing.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, never let anyone dull your sparkle, babe!” she signs off, ever buoyant above the waves of negativity.
Twitter: @KadyRain
Insta: @KadyRain

Photo credit: 
Megan Matthews