Katrina Cain Prevails With Slow Tragedy

Katrina Cain‘s musical journey is not unique. Like so many artists, she’s loaded with talent and determination. But, everyday is a battle. Self-doubt is unfortunately a burden most musicians know all too well. And it’s certainly an issue that even Cain, the world’s most happiest girl, must endure on her personal road to success and stardom. But, she’s a fighter and won’t be defined by the misfortunes and setbacks encountered along the way.

Millions of viewers were introduced to Cain last month when Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson simultaneously spun their chairs to find the Denton gem belting a jaw-dropping rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” on Season 15 of The Voice. Cain was unfortunately eliminated in the third round of the competition. But, she promises that’s not the last we’ll hear from her.

On Friday, Cain released her latest video, “Slow Tragedy”, as sheer proof that she’s determined to remain focused and keep pushing forward. Of the single, she penned the personal testament below.

This song, I wrote it after returning home from falling flat on my face in front of a live audience, in front of musicians I deeply respect, and eventually in front of an audience of 10 million. And after getting stranded at the airport for 10 hours on 2 days without sleep (it’s a looooong story) I was pretty ready to give it all up. After all, I’m 29 living paycheck to paycheck. What’s the point?

But this song isn’t about giving up, it’s about trying again. I thought about all the bills I couldn’t pay, and all of the opportunities that were given to someone else. I thought about all the times my mom calls to ask me about a show, and I can’t bear to tell her that not a single person came. I always lie and tell her it was magical. I thought about all the times I’ve begged someone to review a song, all the times I would have given anything for a share or being added to a playlist. It’s a hard road and it’s lonely to feel like you’re just not good enough.

But I am not unique, this is all of us. And after talking to friends and reading the stories you sent me, I know that now more than ever. This song is not about me and a tv show. This song is about you and it’s about all the times you did NOT GIVE UP when someone told you you weren’t good enough, when you failed a class, when you ended a relationship, when you moved away. You started over and it was hard but it was POSSIBLE.

The last thing I remember from my performances on NBC’s The Voice was Adam Levine coming over to me and saying “promise me you’ll keep doing this, promise me you won’t give up.” So I’m going to keep going and I’m going to try just one more time….and one more time after that.

– Katrina Cain


Katrina Cain Finds Her Moment in Rescue Me

So often life can feel as though it’s pulling us in a million directions at once. Like a leaf floating atop a winding stream we tend to settle into the current and simply go with the flow. Rarely, do we find ourselves at our original destination. However, as we travel through all of life’s uncertainties, it’s important that we take a moment to reflect upon its precious ripples.

Life has been flowing pretty rapidly for north Texas singer-songwriter Katrina Cain lately. In October, her jazzy electronic-pop band TOMKAT released their highly acclaimed debut album Icarus, followed by a stacked SXSW lineup and an opening spot for Denton neighbor Sarah Jaffe. And just last week, Cain took possibly the biggest step in her life by saying “I do” with TOMKAT soulmate Andrew McMillan.

Now, standing at the doorsteps of her thirties, Denton’s Persephone of Pop reflects back upon her life with her solo EP, Rescue Me.

I keep thinking life will slow down, that I have plenty of time to do everything I want,” states Cain. “But it doesn’t slow down, it doesn’t stop, and it keeps moving whether you move or not. Now I’m 29, I just got married and everything happened so fast. I looked back and suddenly the wedding was over and so are my 20’s. My 30’s are ahead and I still haven’t accomplished much of what I set out to do. But what I have accomplished I’m proud of and the biggest accomplishment is finding Andrew and living a life with him filled with music, love and adventures.”


No need to worry TOMKAT fans. The band isn’t taking a break. Cain simply found a brief moment to step away and focus on herself. And what a shining moment she has captured in Rescue Me.

Just as in life, the three-track EP pulls in multiple directions between embracing and letting go. Cain is every bit the sultry, southern siren we met in Icarus. Her spellbinding vocals call out across sweeping, starry ballads of courage, passionate sonnets of final farewells and serenading surrenders of the soul. Gentle keystrokes and soft electronics paint a warm and serene indie-pop background behind Cain’s seraphic chants.

There are delicate moments in Rescue Me where we find Cain at her most vulnerable and needing to be rescued. While at others, we bare witness to Cain at her strongest, fully empowered by her own determination. The EP represents the balancing act that has been the singer’s life to this point. Strong at times and weak at others…but nonetheless, all hers…and thankfully she’s confident enough to share it with the world.

Katrina Cain’s life may be a little hectic at the moment. But, I think we all can take a note from Rescue Me. Life’s not going to slow down for any one of us. The least we can do is take a moment to ourselves and reflect upon where we are and how we got here.

Rescue Me is now available to stream and purchase.

Photos by: Mike Ferreira @mikeshootspeople