Kublai Khan Slams With “The Hammer”

Heavy metal has always had a home in the Lone Star State, and the recent generation has begun to prove their worth. Conquering the scene as of late, Kublai Khan has unleashed “The Hammer,” a single taken from their upcoming album Nomad, to be released September 29 through Rise Records. The track highlights the band’s distorted groove-centric sound, but also shows a step in a new direction for the group.

Syncopation has always been Kublai Khan’s specialty, and “The Hammer” slams and grooves in every possible nook and cranny. The oddly-placed accents incite a masterfully-planned riot between the ears, which may be why the group’s live shows have a reputation for being aggressive, loud, and above all, fun. Instrumentals weave in and out of the time-space continuum in “The Hammer” as Matt Honeycutt’s raw vocals push a chaotic truth.

“You will never cease to seek validation” screams Honeycutt as a wall of sound erupts from the back. A riff playfully wraps around the lyrics, giving a sense of urgency to every beat. A pattern of staccato and legato follows the versus, making the song rather easy to head-bang to. Aggression is what the group has come to be adored for, and this track is more than enough to tide us over until we get the whole album.

The quartet is currently supporting Vanna on their farewell tour, and is set to headline a tour in support of Nomad with No Zodiac, Left Behind, I AM, and Great American Ghost later this fall.


Written by: Sawyer Click

Feature photo courtesy of Atom Splitter PR