Langhorne Slim Wraps Up Texas Run at Antone’s

A packed house filled up the legendary Antone’s Nightclub Sunday evening for some southern fried country and bayou Cajun tunes in the capital city. The lights dimmed as local country rockers Harvest Thieves took the stage. Built on a sound that’s everything southern, you can find traces of Americana, Red Dirt, and traditional country in their set. Similar to country heavyweights Turnpike Troubadours, Harvest Thieves have a radio ready sound bound for the Texas airwaves that could send them up to Nashville.

A refreshing sound that lets you know there’s still great country music coming out today in a scene that’s often cluttered with overproduction or sugar cookie pop. Texas has always prided itself in its country stars and Harvest Thieves are bound to join that list. Simply put, if you love Texas country music, you will love Harvest Thieves. Their sound is familiar for the genre but they bring their own flare with a hard rocking performance.


Headlining the evening was Pennsylvania revivalist Langhorne Slim who’s as genuine as his name. Currently residing in Nashville, Langhorne brings Americana-Folk with his own Cajun twist. Often pausing between songs to talk to the crowd, the performance felt intimate as if you were the only person in the room. Having a great voice is one thing but the showmanship is where Langhorne thrives bringing the energy needed to get everyone involved and moving on their feet.

One of few groups I’ve ever seen to not have a set list, the improvisational set creates a more personal approach where some bands can seem too rehearsed. Jumping into the crowd several times to engage with the audience, you weren’t watching a musician but more of an old friend that personally touches your soul with his music.

The highlight of the evening was when the band left the stage and Langhorne told one of the most emotional and intimate stories about how wonderful his Grandfather Sid was and how heartbreaking he took his passing. Getting emotional and choked up while telling the tale, this was one of the rawest engagements I’ve ever witnessed from an artist. Followed by his tune “Song For Sid”, the track moved both Langhorne and the audience creating a connection with everyone in the room. I don’t think there was a single person in the audience that didn’t shed a tear during that performance, myself included.

Langhorne Slim wears his heart on his sleeve and loves what he does for a living. You can feel just how happy he is to be performing for the masses while still giving you a personal experience. This was one of the best performances I’ve seen from any artist in recent memory. If you get the opportunity to see him, please do because you won’t be disappointed.

Langhorne Slim


Article and Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt