Lola Tried To Take New York

You guys know the score by now, our pals Lola Tried are on tour and they’re taking us with them. Just stopped in Manhatten, lead singer Lauren is running reds and sporting last night’s make up in preparation for their stint there, Playing at Piano’s, the Austinite had never been to New York before and the excitement is clear – check it out below!

Here’s where they’ll be next!

6/6 Cincinnati, OH @ The Listing Loon
6/7 Nashville, TN @ The East Room
6/9 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
6/10 Houston, TX @ Cactus Music In-Store Performance
6/11 San Antonio, TX @ Limelight


Lola Tried Tour Diary: Doing Detroit Right

Our traveling rock tribe Lola Tried found their Tour Manager in Detroit along with quiet possibly the last two remaining fans of Limp Bizkit decked-out in iconic, Significant Other 90’s attire. Now the band is on to hot dogs and hell raising at The Happy Dog in Cleveland with Soft Copy and The Movies.

Pregame before the show in Detroit.


Back to the ‘tour bus’ for more shi-van-igans.


5/30 Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog
5/31 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mister Roboto Project
6/1 Philadelphia, PA @ The Bath House
6/2 Brooklyn, NY @ Little Skips!
6/3 New York, NY @ 158 Ludlow St.
6/4 Washington, DC @ DC9 Nightclub
6/6 Cincinnati, OH @ The Listing Loon
6/7 Nashville, TN @ The East Room
6/9 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
6/10 Houston, TX @ Cactus Music In-Store Performance
6/11 San Antonio, TX @ Limelight


Lola Tried Tour Diary: Headed to Motor City

We’re tagging along (sort of) with our favorite punk-pop rockers Lola Tried as they hit the road in support of their debut album. The band’s first few stops have been right along the I35 corridor heading north. Now they’re off to the Motor City for tonight’s show with Splitters, Cheapshow and Bathroom of The Future. Check out what Lauren and the gang are up to and if you’re in Detroit tonight be sure to stop by PJ’s Lager House. You’ll be glad you did.


Crazy times at the crash pad.



Getting Ready for KC.



Lola Tried Tour Dates:

5/28 Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep Café
5/29 Detroit, MI @ PJ’s Lager House
5/30 Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog
5/31 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mister Roboto Project
6/1 Philadelphia, PA @ The Bath House
6/2 Brooklyn, NY @ Little Skips!
6/3 New York, NY @ 158 Ludlow St.
6/4 Washington, DC @ DC9 Nightclub
6/6 Cincinnati, OH @ The Listing Loon
6/7 Nashville, TN @ The East Room
6/9 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
6/10 Houston, TX @ Cactus Music In-Store Performance
6/11 San Antonio, TX @Limelight


Lola Tried Throws Down at Album Release Party

Balls-to-the-wall, sweat-till-you-fall is the idea behind Lola Tried’s self-titled debut LP. The gritty, garage rock quartet has successfully captured the raw, endorphin-boosting intensity of their live performances and injected it into the 10-track power rock project. Gone is the subtle sweetness of the band’s 2017 Popsicle Queen; in its place a much more aggressive and grungy Lola Tried complete with fuzzy guitar distortion, ‘Grohl-ish’ driving percussion and sassy vocals. Fiery frontwoman, Lauren Burton, carves a comfortable spot for herself somewhere between Allison Crutchfield and Allison Wolfe with emphatic vocal mood swings that flip from delicate and tender to fierce and raging at a moment’s notice. From the scorching, riot grrrl howls of ‘All Sides’ to the southern twang of punky-tonk stomper ‘Katrina’s Number,’ Burton carries a certain swagger that proves she’s found her rightful place affront this raucous rock band. The album explores social anxieties with the introspective and fuzzy ‘Bummer Town’ and youthful romances gone awry with ‘San Marcos’. Powerhouse percussion and psychedelic, effects-pedal fuzz reverberate throughout the LP creating the perfect backdrop for Burton’s angsty vocals. From start to finish the album bursts with adrenaline and raw emotion. Lola Tried has delivered a spectacular punk-pop album that can blow out the garage doors or empower the downtrodden.

The band dropped their album on Tuesday with a crazy release party at Hotel Vegas with special guests Duncan Fellows, Ringo Deathstarr and Blushing. The release show was also the official tour kick-off for Lola Tried who are heading out for a string of shows up north for the next few weeks. Check their website for tour dates and additional info. Scope out some of the sweat-drenched shots below to get an idea of what Lola Tried has packed into their LP.

Lola Tried


Duncan Fellows


Ringo Deathstarr


Photos by:Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

A Giant Dog and Lola Tried Bring the Chaos to Beerland

Every Thursday in February you can catch one of Austin’s most infamous rock acts over at Beerland for a night of beer soaked rage. A Giant Dog explores mayhem through fast paced rock tunes led by their enchanting frontwoman Sabrina Ellis. Thursday night on Red River was no exception to the chaos they bring on any given night.

Starting off the evening were pop-rockers Lola Tried, who consistently one-up every live show by somehow sounding more raw with each performance. This time around a beautiful cover of Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy” was the perfect tune to showcase frontwoman Lauren Burton’s impressive vocal range while their heavy distortion buzzed through the room.

With everyone in attendance amped, A Giant Dog took the stage next and chaos soon ensued. Beerland was packed shoulder-to-shoulder and drenched in a mixture of sweat and beer creating the perfect atmosphere for their high octane rock. Sabrina Ellis’ stage presence is one of legend and folklore, leaving her bleeding heart out on the stage. Getting the crowd involved led to an evening of crowd surfing and rage. You couldn’t help but feel as if you were witnessing history being in the heart of Austin’s underground scene.

People talk of iconic club performances in history like early 90’s Green Day at The Gilman and The Germs in LA during the 80’s. I’ll forever be talking about A Giant Dog’s residency at Beerland in 2018. You have a few more chances to witness one of their performances this month. Don’t miss out on a show you’ll never forget.

A Giant Dog


Lola Tried


Photos and article by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Lola Tried – A Look Into The Energetic ‘Popsicle Queen’s’ World

Lola Tried’s leading lady Lauren Burton is one sassy badass you can’t help but respect. When she speaks her mind, people tend to listen…and she damned sure ain’t afraid to call it how she sees it. I think that’s what I admire most about the indie-pop-rock ‘Popsicle Queen.’ Aside from being a freakishly talented and intensely entertaining rocker, Burton’s take-no-shit attitude combined with Lola Tried’s leave it all on the stage approach to music has her band primed to dominate 2018.

Lola Tried was born in 2015, after lead guitarist Ray Garza approached then solo artist Burton about forming a band. They added bassist Greg Spencer and drummer Ray Flynt shortly thereafter, and they’ve taken off at high speed since.

The pop-rock ensemble released their very well received debut EP Popsicle Queen last February and have gained major notoriety for their intense, jaw-dropping live performances.

“I grew up going to really energetic shows,” says Burton. “I was always drawn to the folks that threw themselves into their performance, and folks that saw playing a show as just that–a show, a stage performance.

“Ray Flynt is a powerhouse drummer, and he hits harder than anyone I’ve played with–when he joined the band, we just decided to get really, really loud and make an actual entertaining sweat-till-you-fall-over show.”


Since their debut in 2017, Lola Tried has continued to evolve as a band, fully embracing being louder and more energetic. Popsicle Queen showcases Burton as an acoustic songwriter, written by her and for her but that’s no longer the case with Lola Tried. Burton now prefers to create music with the full band in mind.

“My bandmates allow me to lean on them for more complicated parts,” she admits.

“When I bring an idea to the table, we all collaborate on it to make it something we are proud of. I think our next single is going to surprise a lot of folks who know us just from listening to the EP.”

With a new single right around the corner, 2018 is stacking up nicely for Lola Tried. Just announced as an official SXSW 2018 showcasing artist, the band are looking to release a new record in late April with a tour to follow at the end of May.



Before Lola Tried’s diaries get too busy though, folks are in for a real treat Feb. 8th. The foursome are set to hook up with raucous Austin legends A Giant Dog and punk trio Flesh Lights at Beerland for a night of sweat-dripping, blood-pumping, endorphin-boosting entertainment that will be extra special for Burton.

She grew up watching A Giant Dog perform and attributes Sabrina Ellis as her biggest influence in how she conducts herself on stage…extremely raw, chaotic and wild – something not to miss out on.

“I’ve been obsessed with A Giant Dog since 2010,” admits Burton.

“So this show at Beerland on Feb 8th is a big deal for us. I was 18 when I first saw them and they blew my mind, and sharing the stage with them is something I’m so, so grateful for.”

Humility, persistence and perseverance are paying off for Burton and Lola Tried…a band we’re expecting huge things from this year. But, it’s all in a day’s work for the Popsicle Queen.

“The most important thing I’ve learned since we dropped PQ was this: If you want something to happen, you have to do it yourself,” says the straightforward frontwoman.

“You can’t wait in the wings expecting things to work out without putting in some kind of work yourself. You have to do it if you want to make stuff happen for you.”

For Burton, this proactive approach is all worth it because in her words, “playing to a crowd of folks who want to hear you trumps a lot of the shitty stuff you have to deal with along the way.”

So, here’s to hoping 2018 brings less shitty stuff towards Burton and even more cranked-to-the-core pop-rock from Lola Tried.

For more information visit

Be sure to catch Lola Tried with A Giant Dog and Flesh Lights Feb. 8th at Beerland. More event details here.

Words: Douglas Leach
Photography: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt.

Friday Free Week Takeover at The Mohawk

Once a year the city of Austin puts on Free Week, seven days full of live music in venues all over town showcasing some of the best local talent the capital city has to offer.

Friday night seemed to be the peak of Free Week with several amazing acts playing both stages of The Mohawk located in the Red River Cultural District.

Kicking off the evening on the inside stage was Très Oui, whose EP Singles Going Nowhere was a top release in 2017 including a ‘Best of 2017’ pick from Austin’s home staple Waterloo Records. Making a rare appearance as a three-piece, the dream-pop act powered through their set playing several tracks from their upcoming LP which is slated to release later this year. The set went from guitar-driven shoegaze similar to acts like Diiv or Beach House to uptempo dance jams resulting in everyone in attendance moving along.

Following Très Oui on the inside stage was personal favorite Lola Tried, a 4-piece rock outfit led by vibrant frontwoman Lauren Burton and master shredder Ray Garza. As always with a Lola Tried set, you received a performance with the amps cranked to eleven full of hair whipping and a sweet serenade from Burton’s vocals which flip from aggressive angst to a soft caress at a moment’s notice. After powering through “San Marcos” from their 2017 EP Popsicle Queen, the group ended their set with a distortion fueled climax that left ears bleeding, in a good way. We’re also in luck because Lola Tried announced that they have an upcoming LP set to drop later this year that I’ll make sure to grab upon its release.

Immediately after on the outside stage was guitar maiden Emily Wolfe, who I’ve heard endless talk about but had yet to catch live until this night. Little did I know that this would be one of the greatest sets I’ve ever witnessed by any band, not just local acts. For a three-piece, Wolfe and company generated enough sound to fill an arena with her southern guitar riffs ripping through the night sky. Switching it up from power metal ballads similar to Austin’s The Sword, to down tempo blues tracks reminiscent of Janis Joplin or Gary Clark Jr., the spectrum of sound and talent proves she can do it all and is Austin’s inevitable next star.

As soon as her set ended, the crowd erupted in a chant for an immediate encore. The people, myself included, needed one more song. Off schedule, Emily came back out to give us a final send-off by playing a cover of Wolfmother’s hit song “Woman” causing the entire venue to belt out the lyrics right back to her. Emily Wolfe is without a doubt Austin’s rock n’ roll Goddess and she earned a lifetime fan after her performance. If you get the opportunity to see her live, do it. You will not regret it and I’ll see you there.

Headlining the outside stage and the night’s final act was Los Coast, who are no stranger to The Mohawk having had a month long residency in November. Coming out to a funk driven jam, this switched the atmosphere from Arena Rock to a hybrid of funk, soul, and blues. One of the most diverse sounding acts in the city, Los Coast somehow took me to church, funkytown, and the Mississippi delta all in the same set. Frontman Trey Privott magically channels the late Charles Bradley in his vocals belting out that vintage sound of all the great soul artists before him. Everyone in attendance was dancing along to the groove hits and incredible keyboard riffs from Nat Wright. It’s hard to imagine a band doing a more diverse set than what Los Coast does on any given night.

Free Week was without a doubt a huge success this year and I walked away with several new favorite acts to check out on a regular basis. Luckily for the fans, several new LP’s are in the works for this year from all of these great artists. If you weren’t at The Mohawk on Friday, you missed out on a one of a kind show. Just take a look at the photos below.

Los Coast

IMG_0180IMG_0201IMG_0219IMG_0224 (1)IMG_0238IMG_0252IMG_0279IMG_0286IMG_0300

Emily Wolfe

IMG_0108IMG_0014IMG_0110Emily Wolfe at MohawkIMG_0089IMG_9967IMG_0143IMG_0157

Lola Tried

IMG_9744IMG_9759IMG_9821 (1)IMG_9864IMG_9928IMG_9934

Très Oui


Article and photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Speedy Ortiz at Barracuda with Lola Tried Recap

Austin was blessed Sunday night by Massachusetts emo rockers Speedy Ortiz and local indie act Lola Tried in the Red River District.

The night kicked off with Austin’s own Lola Tried, a fellow female fronted four-piece with the stage presence that could electrify an arena. The fast paced guitar driven set showed major potential from this upcoming group as their songs went from angsty punk to soft, emotional bridges featuring some of the best lyrics I’ve heard out of the capital city in some time. If you get the chance to see one of their shows, I highly recommend it. You can find their EP Popsicle Queen on their Bandcamp.

For Speedy Ortiz frontwoman, Sadie Dupuis, this show was more of a homecoming having formerly been a resident of Austin and employee of local favorite Waterloo Records. The group played several hits from their albums Major Acana and Foil Deer with the crowd favorites being tracks “The Graduates” and “No Below”. The tour stop also marked a special day as it’s the first time Sadie Dupuis was able to play her new guitar from the local South Congress staple Moniker Guitars. It’s always a custom to support the touring acts, but it’s even better when the touring act supports your city.

You can catch Speedy Ortiz on the rest of their tour supporting Tera Melos in a city near you. Tickets can be found on their website.

Speedy Ortiz


Lola Tried



Photos and Article by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt