Terrence Spectacle Debuts ‘Lone Dirt Road’ off Sophomore EP

Terrence Spectacle has been showing out for Dallas since the age of 14. The alternative hip-hop artist gained a large DFW following with his much anticipated 2014 debut, NuDallas. His rookie album lived up to the hype and the eccentric lyricists showed glimpses of greater, untapped potential. Now at 21, Spectacle has refined his sound and seems destined to blow beyond The Metroplex boundaries with his sophomore EP, One Summer Night, due out March 31.

Produced by DEFDISCO signee, Ish D, the 5-track EP represents a new direction for Spectacle. “One Summer Night is the culmination of years’ worth of growth, condensed into cross genres, rapping and singing,” states the lyricist.

Spectacle recently previewed the EP’s lead single, ‘Lone Dirt Road,’ a jazz-infused, retrospective track with a progressive heartbeat. “Lone Dirt Road is my curveball. It’s what nobody ever expected me to create,” claims Spectacle.

At the pulse of the track is an organic bassline splashed with sensual guitar strings creating a genuine authenticity unattainable through manufactured beats. “The live band experience allowed me to peel back layers of my own artistry, giving me the freedom to do as I please.”

A versed singer-songwriter, Spectacle’s leisurely flow delivers with confidence and composure through lucid wordplay reminiscent of influential jazz poet Langston Hughes. His crisp enunciation and articulate message provide a refreshing vigor to a genre saturated with artists mumbling over simplistic clichés.

‘Lone Dirt Road’ shows an obvious progression in Spectacle’s artistry. If the track is any indication of what to expect from One Summer Night, 2017 could be a huge year for an artist on the brink of national recognition.

Catch Terrence Spectacle at the One Summer Night Release Party on March 31 at Cinderblock located at 4622 E. Grand Ave., Dallas, Texas 75223.

Doors open at 7 p.m. with live music starting at 8 p.m.

The event is welcome to all ages and a ticket link will be released shortly online for $8 tickets in advance ($10 at the door).





Written by: Douglas Leach (Douglas@trackrambler.com)