MC Overlord: If ‘You Ain’t Know,’ Now You Know!

Take a moment and allow MC Overlord to reintroduce himself with his tenth album, You Ain’t Know? That’s right. Tenth album…and with just as many ‘Hip Hop Artist of the Year’ awards, “The Godfather of ATX Hip-Hop” really needs no reintroduction to a scene he helped create. So, maybe a more fitting description should read, You Ain’t Know? is a hard-hitting reminder that MC Overlord is still serious about his business and he’s never vacating his spot. That means period!

Overlord sets the record straight with You Ain’t Know’s assertive a cappella intro before the album’s heavy boom bap productions beat down the backdoor of the opener with ‘Make Em’ Do’. Produced by Vallejo Music Group, You Ain’t Know? addresses various stages throughout Ovey’s journey as he delivers the album’s reoccurring theme “it’s my life and mine to own / If you ain’t with it, please stay up out my zone.” From his childhood as life’s punching bag on the guitar driven “Bully” to finding purpose on “Take The World,” You Ain’t Know? plays close to an autobiography focusing mainly on Overlord’s persistence as an MC and perseverance in establishing a legacy. The album’s production is classic old school looped with heavy bass drums and punctual rhymes all whipped together by Wolverine-esque scratching from co-producer DJ Crash. Ovey’s flow is as fluid as ever with sharp, relatable wordplay that strikes with veteran confidence.

The south Austin MC has spent more than two decades nurturing Austin’s hip-hop scene and has helped pave the way for younger generations to follow. He has earned his rightful place amongst the city’s pantheon of music legends all-the-while remaining genuine and grateful. There’s no doubt that MC Overlord is one of the most loved and respected artists around. But, for any of you young cats eyeing his crown, you’re gonna have to wait your turn. Because, as You Ain’t Know? proves, Ovey’s not quite ready to pass that torch. But hey, if you ain’t know, now you know.

MC Overlord hit the stage last Saturday at Come And Take It Live for his Official ‘You Ain’t Know?’ Album Release Party. Photographer Demetrius Judkins was on hand to catch the MC doing what he does best. Check out the highlights below.

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Written by: Douglas Leach

Photos by: Demetrius Judkins