Andy Macintyre is Back With His EP Release – April 14th

You may remember the premiere of Andy Macintyre’s latest single, ‘Meloman’ at the beginning of this year, we covered it {here}. But now the curtain is ready to be pulled for the full EP to take center-stage. On April 14th, the six-track album, Melomania, will reveal the post-grunge meets bluesy singer’s virtue in a way that ‘Meloman’ did so well to tease at – and you should be excited.

Smooth sipping, his vocals are whiskey that slips down too easily but turns to sand as you swallow – grainy and stark.

Though it’s hard to choose, my favorite of the six is ‘Soul Survivor‘; this track speaks to me – Macintyre plays a coffee-stained angel, a purity shining through a bittersweet veil. A soft strumming of guitar fills the space between each line, a breathless conversation that almost brings a hazy tension – waking you from the relaxed comatose that his cloud-clearing vocals ease you into.

A benevolent voice that promises the World and opens doors you’d long forgotten, this EP will ease the harshness of the heat this summer. The Chicago-born Austin-based singer’s velvety vocals will welcome you into a warm embrace in the morning, tenderly hold you up during your day and its struggles, before offering a tranquillity in the night.

I cannot recommend this EP enough.


Andy Macintyre’s EP, “Melomania,” while be released on April 14, 2018 ​with the official EP release show that evening at Antone’s featuring performances by Van Wilks, Jacqui Walker and special surprise guests. Tickets can be purchased here.

Words: Megan Matthews


Guitar Slinging Andy MacIntyre is the Meloman

Post-grunge meets the blues in Austin-based Andy MacIntyre’s brand new single, “Meloman.” Check out the Track Rambler premiere of “Meloman” below.

With “Meloman” as the lead single, MacIntyre is set to release his genre-bending, six-track EP, Melomania, on April 14 with a release party at Antone’s featuring support from Van Wilks, Jacqui Walker and special surprise guests.

The title of track two is ‘Meloman,’ which means ‘music lover,’ so the title ‘Melomania,’ I think, implies someone who lives for and through music, it’s part of who they are,” Macintyre said.

The Chicagoan-turned-Austinite specializes in a wonderful hybrid of rock and country, all enveloped underneath a blues umbrella. Transitions between angst and mansuetude fill the single as MacIntyre’s guitar fluidly moves between a gracefully-clean sound to one of distortion. His guitar-forward playing has been noticed by the likes of Austin-legend Gary Clark Jr.

“This dude can play a mean Stratocaster,” said Clark Jr. “I realized that I needed to go practice after meeting this dude.”

MacIntyre worked with Grammy-nominated mixing engineer Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2, Tears for Fears, Blue October), and recorded at Wire Recording with Stuart Sullivan (Sublime, Meat Puppets, Jimmie Vaughan) and Eric Harrison at Studio 601 (MGMT, Capital Cities, Jason Isbell) to produce his EP.