Fresh Lies, Vol. I Release Party and Guitar Giveaway

Last month, Austin’s one-man-band Mobley dropped Fresh Lies, Vol. I, a career long project that is the first in a series of conceptual releases from the post-genre pop, “swiss army knife of musical talent”.  Mobley will be celebrating the album’s release on June 2nd at the Mohawk with special guests Alesia Lani and Mamahawk and he’s got a very special prize for one lucky fan.

Want to win the guitar Mobley is wrecking on in the feature photo? All you have to do is buy advance tickets to the album release party here and that lucky fan could be you.

“This guitar has served me well for over a decade and I used it extensively on Fresh Lies, Vol. I. But I want someone else to have it now,” states Mobley.  Good luck!

For a teaser to the Fresh Lies, Vol. I Release Party, check out Mobley cutting it up with a completely different guitar below during SXSW 2018.


Photo by: Demetrius Judkins

Video by: Mark Bowers.

Free Week Friday: Tearful Moon, Blastfamous USA, Mobley, Go Fever, Glaze and Los Coast

Our nomadic photographer, Demetrius Judkins, spent Friday night of Free Week doing what he does best…hoping around from venue-to-venue snapping away. There’s not a better time of the year to catch so many of Austin’s most talented artists all within the span of seven days…with Friday seemingly being the peak of Free Week. It would be impossible to catch all the week has to offer. But, Demetrius was lucky enough to capture a few of the best.

Tearful Moon at Elysium

free week friday-1848free week friday-1865free week friday-1877free week friday-1885

Blastfamous USA at Empire Control Roomd

free week friday-1923free week friday-1909free week friday-1905free week friday-2039free week friday-1927

Mobley at Empire Control Room

free week friday-2048free week friday-2050free week friday-2061-2free week friday-2068

Go Fever at Swan Dive

free week friday-2085free week friday-2087free week friday-2093free week friday-2097free week friday-2098free week friday-2103free week friday-2107

Glaze at Sidewinder 

free week friday-2134free week friday-2147free week friday-2150free week friday-2158

Los Coast at Mohawk

free week friday-2203free week friday-2215free week friday-2223free week friday-2228

Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun

Cold War Kids and Mobley Play 101X Indie Xmas at Emo’s

‘Austin’s New Rock Alternative’ 101X hosted their annual “Indie Xmas” bash at Emo’s Thursday night featuring Long Beach’s Cold War Kids and local post-genre pop act Mobley.

The night kicked off with opener Mobley whose one-man band includes him rotating through keys, drums, guitar, and sampling. Starting his set on the drum kit then quickly moving over to the keyboard, each song felt as if an entire quintet was on stage.

The most impressive moment from Mobley’s energetic set was when he came to the crowd and used their hands as a drum pad. The type of sorcery being performed on people’s hands created a melody that bled into his track.

If you get the opportunity to catch a headlining set from Mobley around town, I highly recommend it. His sound and visuals go hand-in-hand for a truly unique experience.

Cold War Kids took the stage next in support of their new record, LA Divine, which came out earlier this year. Quickly getting through hits “Hang Me Out To Dry” and “All This Could Be Yours” the hosts of the evening made you realize why they’ve been relevant for nearly a decade.

Everyone seemed to be in good spirits due to the holiday atmosphere with the ultimate gift being a near perfect set from the headliner. Having jammed to nearly every hit in their catalogue, the kids from Long Beach left you with a sense of holiday cheer.

You can catch Cold War Kids in a city near you and pick up their new record, LA Divine, at your local record store for a great seasonal gift.

Cold War Kids




Text and images by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Solstice Festival Saturday Recap

Day three of Solstice Festival was all about celebrating life, love and light at the beautiful Pan Am Park in the heart of east Austin. The park was filled with live painters, art vendors, dance performances, yoga shamanic blessings, emotional healers and spectacular music performances.

Fans migrated back-and-forth between the Lovestream Stage and Pan An Stage as event organizers miraculously scheduled bands one right after another so fans were not to miss a single performance. Slomo Drag kicked-off the afternoon and cooled the crowd from the scorching heat with lush pop gold as Austin-based psych-noir ensemble The Halfways set the tone with their mind-altering groovy melodies. Contemporary alternative Hunter Sharpe hit the Lovestream Stage next unleashing a flourish of rock energy as south Louisiana’s Sweet Crude put on a bayou blast of soothing string sonnets and pouncing percussion. Austin’s one-man band, ‘solo’ artist, Mobley, carouselled around vocals, guitar, keys and drums before getting the crowd to join in on their favorite chorus. Psych-soul ensemble Los Coast hit the Pan Am Stage next stirring a vocal behemoth of punchy funk. New-age, dance-disco duo Capyac speedraced into a funky and lucid electronic display featuring joints from their recent ‘Fis’ EP setting the stage for psych-folk rockers The Bright Light Social Hour and their fantastic, politically charged ‘Tear Down This Wall’ eff you to a certain Executive someone. Hard rocking power psych trio Radio Moscow ripped through a riotous set of Sabbath meets The Black Keys before Austin’s favorite avant-garde collective, Golden Dawn Arkestra, complete with acrobatics, cosmic go-go dancers and theatrical garb elevated the crowd to an intergalactic level right before sunset. Boise alternative rockers Built To Spill delivered a Dylan-esque set from their silver jubilee catalog and festival headliner JJ Grey & Mofro let loose to grove with the now packed audience as the blue-collard frontman told stories of his youth in the southeast through blues packed, funky rock melodies.

Pan Am Park

Lovestream Stage





Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow-9378Radio Moscow-9387

Golden Dawn Arkestra

Golden Dawn Arkestra-9457Golden Dawn Arkestra-9504Golden Dawn Arkestra-9509

Pan Am Stage

Sweet Crude

Sweet Crude-9141Sweet Crude-9155

The Bright Light Social Hour

Bright Light Social Hour-9308Bright Light Social Hour-9344

JJ Grey & Mofro

JJ Mofro-9570JJ Mofro-9590JJ Mofro-9708


Photos by: Demetrius Judkins

Mobley Examines Social Order With ‘Tell Me’ Video

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Austin artist more sonically diverse than Mobley. The do-it-all, one man band’s thoughtful manipulation of definitive pop constraints is mind-boggling as he assumes vocal, guitar, keyboard, percussion and production duties. And if that’s not enough, the post-genre pop artist also incorporates personally crafted visuals and videos into his live performances. With a sound that expands on everything from indie rock and intellectual pop to alternative hip-hop and soul-infusing R&B, Mobley is elevating the Austin music scene on a whole ‘nother level.

Yesterday, Mobley debuted his latest music video for “Tell Me” via Billboard. The video and its twisting plotline examines the tense social and racial hierarchies that unfortunately classify American society. “In the video, our lovely starlet’s blissful domesticity is in no small part predicated on the fact that her position in the social order enables her to displace people and things that she finds displeasurable, with little thought to the fallout for other people,” Mobley told Billboard. “I wanted to first turn the camera toward that aspirational bourgeois obliviousness, and then to the people who get displaced and dispossessed to maintain it, even if their only real offense is existing.”

You can catch Mobley live on June 17th at Solstice Festival.

Rambler Playlist March 6th

This week’s playlist is all about attitude with four bold and aggressive tracks to get the adrenaline pumping. The first track comes to us from Cure For Paranoia, a “trippy, soul-infused, hip-hop” quartet out of Dallas’ Deep Ellum. ‘Bad Impression’ is a menacing track with a head-bouncing beat and intimidating lyrics. The rapid bassline knocks as cumbia-esque howls and rings fill the background all wrapped together with a hyper, articulate delivery from frontman, Cameron McCloud and special guest, Topic.

The next track, ‘Mustang Kids,’ comes to us from Zella Day’s KICKER album, one of the most complete albums we’ve come across lately. ‘Mustang Kids’ is a certain kind of special. This passionate and ambitious track featuring Baby E takes Zella’s arousing sound to a ravenous level. ‘Mustang Kids’ is pissed-off pop for a new generation.

I will make no secret of the fact that I’m a huge Mobley fan. This Austin-based, “solo” showman is a straight-up beast that defines post-genre pop with originality and adventurous experimentation. Typically a one-man band, Mobley, collaborated with Houston two-piece rockers, Catch Fever, on his latest track, ‘Dreamers‘. A distorted drum beat and monstrous robotic duet engulf Mobley’s airy vocals texturing this track with an antagonistic overtone. Light and dark battle as the mood of ‘Dreamers’ evolves from brooding and malevolent to progressive and uplifting with the chorus of “are you gonna change or are you gonna die?”

Emily Bell’s latest track is a promising preview from her upcoming Kali EP due out April 21. This tenacious ‘Godess of Destruction’ channels her raw, primal femininity with ‘Can’t Talk Back,’ an  energetic garage rock track with avant-garde flare. Bell hits peak ferocity with the howling chorus of this powerful women’s anthem proving she’s the tremor in our earthquake and sugar in our milkshake. If you like this track, you’ll love the video which features Bell padded in ‘pigskin polyester’ channeling her inner J.J. Watt with the all-female Austin Raiders.