Mozart’s a Feminist – Meet The Pop Prodigy Making Waves

Mozart is known to be many things: prolific, revolutionary, ahead of his time, categorically talented – how about not alone? A teen has taken over the name, loaning the prowess but offering a femininity that’s entirely her own.

Mozart Dee has walked the world, and she’s hit her eighteenth birthday empowered by her journey. Releasing a stripped down, intimate rendition of her girl power anthem ‘Push You Harder’, the young but experienced girl unveils her rich, soulful vocals and underscores a reminder of her sheer level of skill – not that anybody had any doubts about it anyway.

So, who exactly is the face behind this second coming of Mozart?

In our words – a pop prodigy. In hers:

“Ideally, the first American trilingual pop star and singer/songwriter, so I can be a bridge and cultural ambassador through my creativity and music.

“Music has always been an integral part of my life. I knew very early that this was my path and I started writing songs when I was four. I started violin before two,  piano at three and I was obsessed with opera and Shakespeare as a toddler.

“I wasn’t even 2 years old when I did my first violin concert,  I danced in The Nutcracker Ballet at 3 and I was five when I did a violin concert in the Sahara desert in Morocco for Berber kids who had never seen a violin.


“By ten years old, when I was living in Asia and doing solos in a large choir at my local Chinese school and seriously writing pop songs almost every day. I knew without a doubt, that this was what I wanted to do with my future.”

Now growing up, and growing in reputation, she’s been compared to the likes of Lorde, Rihanna, Halsey, and Billie Eilish – she’s keeping good company.

“When I’m writing, I like to make art that makes me feel powerful, that makes me feel like a queen, and that’s what I really hope other people hear in my music.

“I want to evoke a sense of freedom and self-empowerment so that people walk away completely confident in their own self, and their own power.”

Now coming to the end of the year after a 10-day European tour and working with Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue, on her debut EP, Mozart is reflective of the people she’s met and the steps they’ve helped her up.

“I am passionate about doing important work and I have been blessed to work with others that have the same goal,” she says. “So far, I’ve gotten to work with people who want to heal this patriarchal industry and world and value what I contribute as a young female artist.

“I have great hope for the future and learn from those who have started this before I came along. It is a very difficult business, but grinding hard every day and believing in yourself is the key.”

The globe-trotter is making waves across the oceans she’s been in, and is redefining what it means to be Mozart. A collison of her modernism with her classic vocals, she offers a virtuosic perspective of the time we live in.

“It’s exciting to see this new political power women are claiming and how many women are now running for office, and winning, and using their power more boldly than ever before.

“Don’t ever put limits on yourself. You can always be the first. Be bold.”

Photography: Soul Travelers Blog 

Words: Megan Matthews