Omenihu Doesn’t Look Back in “Adios”

Omenihu hits the road and doesn’t look back in his newest hit, “Adios.” The Human Influence co-founder grips a carefree tone in one of the most cheerful break-up songs, produced by Charles Mxxn and Caleb Contreras. With lyrics that center around exiting a toxic relationship and finding some inner piece, “Adios” is an absolute anthem for those fresh out of a relationship.

Adios” follows Omenihu’s “Dream Killers” and “All Vibes Matter (Ft. Micky).” Much like “All Vibes Matter,” “Adios” is a cool-flowing movement that expels joy with every instrument. Adorned with cover art of a joyous Omenihu getting slapped, the laid-back, piano-centric track bolsters the singing of the newly-single and proud Omenihu. “Shawty adios / Damn, your vibe is gross,” playfully interweaves with a set of chopstick-style piano licks and trap-bass punches.

Verses are home to a multitude of jabs that ultimately point toward the UT-grad’s liberation from his ex. A blend of singing and rapping gives the track a sense of likability and something to remember it by. “You’re mad I replaced you / Young and you’re hateful / That is so shameful,” he punches. It’s not to mean that the track entirely focuses on the horrific ex, but instead, It’s a tale of Omenihu’s path to enlightenment and happiness.


Written by: Sawyer Click



Austin’s Favorite Rapper Omenihu Drops Ruminating “Dream Killer”

Nostalgic vibes with a forward-thinking and unifying message, Omenihu is a name to look out for in the years to come. His sophomore single, Dream Killers, highlights the struggles of a young black artist as he faces criticism and discrimination. He’s only been in the game for 9-months, but his vision and talent transcend experience and place him on the top of the leaderboards. He’s a creative mastermind with a hellacious flow; a double threat with a heart.

With a crafty backing track from Rascal that samples TLC’s No Scrubs and a meditative flow, Omenihu debuts an introspective look into his life. He even makes a nod towards TLC’s Left Eye during a verse. The video focuses on Omenihu as he appears to be in a state of distress outside of a corner store. His anticipation swells, leading to the breaking point in his second verse, where he trades his calm-and-collective flow in for an aggressive and uninhibited one. The video takes place in front of the store but the conflict is a worldwide phenomenon, attributing to the empathy that pulls you to the screen. Co-directed by Jessie Rodriguez and Omenihu himself the video’s coloration is vibrant; yellow highlights of the video lure a state of anxiety, but the cool-blue eases. The colors contrast beautifully against the night sky, offering amplification for every movement and emotion.

Omenihu performs for the camera brandishing a shirt from his company, Human Influence, a collaborative creative media agency that was co-founded by Omenihu and fellow UT-grad Henry Smith. The company encourages individuals to connect with their full potential through various mediums. Omenihu took heed of this when he first began his musical career, releasing the catchy and potent, All Vibes Matter ft. Mickey in September of 2016. The track was playful and fun, focusing on empowering individualism through a relaxed vibe. Austin has an up-and-coming soldier that’s gunning for the lead. A breath of fresh air comes with every track, throwing new blood into a genre that’s constantly being reinvented. His charismatic blend of past and future makes him an exception to the rules of the game, and have put him in the position to create his own.


Written By: Sawyer Click

Solstice Festival Thursday Recap

The 4th annual Solstice Festival returned to Austin last week to celebrate Fête de la Musique with three days of music, art and technology. The music festivities kicked-off Thursday evening in the Red River district at Sidewinder where the theme for the night was soothing soul and uplifting hip-hop. Austin’s eclectic soul and R&B singer Mélat simmered the outside stage with sensual melodies of life and love. The vivacious vocalist was followed by Black Rodeo before husband and wife hip-hop party starting duo Riders Against the Storm got the whole crowd body rockin’ with their enthusiastic synergy.

The inside stage was just a dope as Austin’s ‘Best R&B Artist’ of 2015, Alesia Lani, shared her melodic love stories with the Sidewinder crowd before stylistic and lyrically proficient emcee Nicolas Azlon dropped some riotous wordplay and Austin’s favorite rapper, Omenihu, turned the party out just hours before his own EP release the following day.

Over at Mohawk, the theme was a slightly different but just as invigorating as sibling trio, The Bishops, opened the outside stage with their wavy futuristic fusion of electronic, hip-hop, jazz and pop that lead into the dreamy electo-pop of Milwaukee-based GGOOLLDD and the wicked trippy electronic trap of Holiday Mountain.

Indie-pop, electro-acoustic duo Emme pushed the envelope inside the Mohawk and got the crowd warmed up with big brass and warping synths. Seven-piece soul ensemble Huggy & The Feel Goodz showed off some ‘new R&B’ with their modern interpretation of warm nostalgic soul before indie-electronic-pop brothers, The Lagoons, showed off their hypnotic experimental repertoire. The live-looping, one man funk band, Henry + The Invisibles cranked the energy to full blast to close it out.

It was a Latin celebration over at Empire Control Room as Brazilian Tio Chico opened the evening and the fuzzy, psychedelic cumbia of Money Chicha got the crowd dancing with the heavy percussion and side-stepping congas. The dance party at Empire lasted through the night with the cumbia, merengue and Afro-Cuban Reggae harmoines of El Tule.

Sidewinder Outdoors



Black Rodeo

Black Rodeo-8446

Riders Against the Storm


Sidewinder Indoors

Alesia Lani

Alesia Lani-8366

Nicolas Azlon

Nicolas Azlon-8475



Mohawk Outdoors

The Bishops

The Bishops-8345



Mohawk Indoors

Huggy and the Feel Goodz

Huggy and the Feel Goodz-8353

The Lagoons

The Lagoons-8420

Henry + The Invisibles

Henry & the invisibles-8602-2

Photos by: Demetrius Judkins