Danny Golden Brought Austin Home With Old Love – Photo Recap

Danny Golden is a nomad that’s found a home. A traveler approaching his destination, a roamer that stopped roaming.

Somehow, someway, his maps led Danny to Austin and we have welcomed him as one of our own – he is home.

The Pennsylvanian brings a new spin to a folksy old tale, his voice idyllic yet soothingly approachable with a drawl that lingers and sends a cascade of shivers down your spine. This description is true for the crowd at Spider House last Saturday when Danny released his sophomore album, Old Love – his vocals are probably still reverberating, an echo of his journey whispering in their ears.

A man new to Austin, he’s familiar – he’s your childhood friend from your hometown, the kid you used to play with in your street ’til your mom told you to come inside. He’s the one you were always kinda jealous of but took comfort in knowing, and he hasn’t changed.

A soul weary from his travels, but wise from the road, his music reflects his experiences and takes you along for the ride at his shows – youthful excitement with well-honed skills, his sound is nostalgia – the hazy memories of that sweet kid you once knew.

Why would anyone give that up? Austin is certainly not, anytime soon.


Photographer: Anie Walsh