Blitzkrieg in Austin With Rosegarden Funeral Party

Dallas’ own Rosegarden Funeral Party brought their macabre fueled rock to Barracuda Friday Night. Outfitted with leather, chains, and amps cranked to eleven, Rosegarden captures the dark side of the 80’s creating a sound that’s perfect for night drives in your Trans Am or a modern soundtrack for The Lost Boys.

Led by frontwoman Leah Lane whose vocal chords are powerful enough to ignite an arena, their set stayed in maximum overdrive for nearly the entire night but took the time to slow things down with “Eden”, a psychedelic, post-punk jam with scorching guitar chords and entrancing vocals. The band will be debuting their video for the single on July 1st.

Ending the evening with their single “Blitzkrieg in Holland” off of their debut album The Chopping Block was the perfect ending to a sweat fueled set. Rosegarden wears their heart on their sleeve and leaves everything on the stage. Dallas is a very lucky city with some amazing talent.

Check out photos from the evening below and you can see the rest of Rosegarden Funeral Party’s tour dates and future shows here.


Photos by Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt