Sara Jackson-Holman: ‘Run’ Video Review

Sara Jackson-Holman has a voice you may recognize, her eerily transcendent tone is definitely making its way around; featured on the likes of Pretty Little Liars and Orange is The New Black.

Her latest video, ‘Run’, from her LP ‘Didn’t Go To The Party’, is femininity at its finest; with only the strongest love reserved for her friends throughout. It features a mere cameo of the female strength and independence captured in her almost-folk twist on a pop song.

There’s a very French vibe to ‘Run’– but maybe that is just the Marie Antoinette wigs, painted in watercolor. It feels almost like a French disco collided with modern day America, in a seamlessly beautiful conglomeration, too delicately rough to be more than a painting. Or maybe she’s just really into that karaoke, it’s hard to say.

Throughout the video, we’re introduced to her friends…her ‘pastel posse’; who’re presented, to us, with as much valour as a gang of train robbers, but with a touch more aesthetic. There’s an almost-ethereal feel to the girls as they dance across verdant landscapes or sing in neon lit rooms, and it’s only heightened by Jackson-Holman’s delicate voice; it’s relaxing and innocently sweet.

Mellow, I think, is the word for it.


Written by: Megan Matthews