Don’t Leave Darja Alone With Her Latest Track

A rich voice, deep in velvet but dripping in femininity, Darja is making her mark on the music scene with her latest release.

Alone was released late October, on the 25th, and draws an image of fast, dirty romance. Closed shutters, and stolen kisses in shadowed corners. It’s gritty to keep you warm in the winter, but definitely the kind of thing your mom told you to stay away from.

I won’t tell if you don’t.

Hot off of the heels of Fallen just a few months earlier, the single envelopes Darja’s female prowess and splashes her name across Austin, and more.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Darja came to the US for college and studied jazz piano performance, and Lord, did she learn to perform. She’s now drawing forward a colossal fan base and they’re rising up.  Holding eye contact across the bar and hands under the table, they’re waiting with bated breath to see what comes next.

Check out Alone below.