Phoebe By Name, Shanti By Nature; Hunt Tells Her Story Through Shanti’s Shadow

Since her first release in 2014, Shanti Phoebe Hunt has not only grown into her artistry, but also grown into her name. Debuting with piano-clad ‘Walk With Me’, she’s since released three more albums in as many years.

Her latest release, Shanti’s Shadow, is a fanciful 11-track tale of whimsical subtly encouraging you to surrender your materialistic possessions to give way to a cleaner, more spiritualistic lifestyle. Named Shanti Phoebe Hunt, after her parent’s seven-year-stint as disciples of Guru Swami Satchidananda in the seventies, she’s encompassed all that is peace in this LP.

Hunt conceived her fourth album while reliving her parent’s best years; venturing to India to study music, meditation and philosophy for up to ten hours a day – that’s dedication if ever I saw it. The intensity of her time there, cut off from the materialistic world, tirelessly refined each song to be an insight of her honest heart. The melodies only improved by the exquisite craftsmanship of the musicians gathered to be a part of Hunt’s peaceful namesake.

Kicking off with ‘Frolic of the Bees’, Shanti’s Shadow provides an escapism for the listeners. Country vibes highlight the importance of a universal love of nature, as she offers a place to take refuge from the harmful world. Melodically grainy, Hunt features a sugar-sweet set of lyrics and an old school flair.

Moving on to ‘Lint Head Gal’, Hunt stirs a concoction of classic country femininity with every ounce of her modern-day empowerment. She tells a story that feels very ‘Kissin’ Kate Barlow’ and features all of her best outlaw components; she’s badass, independent and oh so liberated. ‘I once had a man, and away I ran, he couldn’t keep me satiated’ she sings, organic and soulful. This is the song that brings goosebumps to your arms, and leaves your hair standing on end, ready to take your place at the top and be as you please.

You’ll notice though, Shanti’s Shadow twists and turns like a country road, as the singer-songwriter-instrumentalist goes onto entice the very audience she just pushed away with the ninth track on the album, ‘Just for Tonight’. A very Karen Carpenter’s kind of vibe, her romantic southern drawl lyrically seduces you. It starts off slow but with a promising increase of tempo, the crescendo beautifully paints the picture of her passion, crashing like a final wave into a settled moonlit tide.

Shanti Phoebe Hunt pours her heart and soul into this album, nurturing it with her emotional pain and tears. Her spirituality shines bright in each track, almost like the sun refracting off of a shard of crystallized sea glass; surprising but beautiful.

Shanti’s Shadow Tracklist
Frolic of the bees
Pink and Blue
Road to Kolhapur
Lint Head Gal
Take Me Home
Call My Bluff
Round and Round
New York
Just For Tonight
I Really Love

Author: Megan Matthews