Brandon Callies and the American Revival’s new LP “Sounds of Love and Ghosts”

As the blood orange sky begins to fade to cotton candy pink, it’s a sign another sweltering summer day is drawing to a close. Sitting out in the shade of the porch, feeling the last whispers of the warm wind tickle the hairs on your arms, the daylight glow dissolves. With a chilled iced tea in hand, the perfect accompaniment comes in the form of the quaint, relaxed and truly authentic Americana sounds of Brandon Callies and the American Revivals, playing softly through the radio. Finally, you feel relaxed.

Brandon Callies and the American Revivals are finally set to release their serene album Sounds of Love and Ghosts, a project that’s been almost two years in the making, on August 18th. Dallas-bred, the band describes their sound as “alt-country, Americana, and rock-and-roll blend”. Their lead single from the album, “Leaving California” leaves a quiet hint as to what the album has in store.

“Leaving California” is certainly the most authentic Americana song on the album. The song is incredibly true to traditional country music roots, however, to keep it unique, subtle whiffs of indie and alternative rock waft through. The single plays an ode to the depression between two lovers in different cities. Yet despite the somber story, the lyrics concentrate on the positive side of remembrance to create a somewhat uplifting, yet chilled, tone.

Other songs on the album, including “This Aint A Sunset”, “Good Clean Fight”, and “Thinking of Her” continue to evoke those country western vibes, yet toned down, allowing some of the band’s indie streak to prevail more prominently. The song that titles the album “Sounds of Love and Ghosts” is impeccably individual and truly pushes the boundaries of what alt-country music can be. It’s much more indie rock but still, manages to engage some of the country innocence that lingers softly to keep it calm. At particular points during the song, their sound could be likened to that of The Script’s early releases.

“Sounds of Love and Ghosts” almost completely opposes the genuine country feel of “Leaving California”, illustrating the diversity of the album and the band alike. With such multiformity, the album reforms and modernizes the idea of country music, making it suitable for those both old and young alike.

Sounds of Love and Ghosts releases on Friday, August. 18 and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and vinyl.


Written by: Beth Judge