Steady Legend Premier Their “Soundcheck Sessions”

Austin’s soul-funk troupe Steady Legend have released live sessions of their tracks “Don’t Want You”, “Can’t Shake You”, and “I Love the Way You Love (Cover).” The eight-piece’s fiery and modern twist of Motown sounds sparks instant nostalgia. Whether it be the delicate horns, bombastic singing or the bluesy guitar, there’s something here to catch the ear of audience members.

Tempos vary with each track, ranging from the pure grit in “Don’t Want You” to the seduction in “Can’t Shake You.” The ground covered in each session is tastefully done as the instrumental arrangement of the group creates an atmosphere ready for direction.

The big-band horns in “Don’t Want You” power vocalist Analysa Gonzales’ sultry voice to sky-high altitudes. The rhythm section creates a powerful foundation with a steady repetition of the same riff driving much of the song. Guitarist and bandleader Michael Mancuso throws down a phasing solo during the bridge. The energy of the track is exemplified in the group’s stage presence, which varies from Gonzales’ outpour of coarseness to the laid-back vibes of the bassist and keyboardist.

Alternatively, the piano and saxophone of “Can’t Shake You” create a Motown-ballad. Smooth background vocals induce involuntary toe tapping and head bobbing. “I can’t shake you from my mind,” Gonzales confesses. Background vocalists supporting the confession deepen the effect of irrefutable attraction. A wildly-poetic saxophone solo grips the soundscape soon thereafter, allowing a look into the eye of the storm before Steady Legend come hailing down with a full-force ending.

A dangerously smooth guitar lick opens “I Love the Way You Love,” soon giving way to a caring band of horns and Gonzales’ omniscient voice. The band alternates between blues and rock as silky horns, soaring bass lines and a screaming solo dominate the screen for the three-and-a-half-minute session. Members can be found mouthing along, dancing and smiling from ear-to-ear throughout the whole track.

The chemistry of the group erupts in each session, giving life to every note. The stage presence of the group is powerful and developed, adding immensely to each session. The infectious tunes create nostalgia at just the click of a button Steady Legend is announcing to the world that soul and funk music is forever with the “Soundcheck Sessions.”

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Written by: Sawyer Click