Free Week Friday: Tearful Moon, Blastfamous USA, Mobley, Go Fever, Glaze and Los Coast

Our nomadic photographer, Demetrius Judkins, spent Friday night of Free Week doing what he does best…hoping around from venue-to-venue snapping away. There’s not a better time of the year to catch so many of Austin’s most talented artists all within the span of seven days…with Friday seemingly being the peak of Free Week. It would be impossible to catch all the week has to offer. But, Demetrius was lucky enough to capture a few of the best.

Tearful Moon at Elysium

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Blastfamous USA at Empire Control Roomd

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Mobley at Empire Control Room

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Go Fever at Swan Dive

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Glaze at Sidewinder 

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Los Coast at Mohawk

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Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun