Mobley Examines Social Order With ‘Tell Me’ Video

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Austin artist more sonically diverse than Mobley. The do-it-all, one man band’s thoughtful manipulation of definitive pop constraints is mind-boggling as he assumes vocal, guitar, keyboard, percussion and production duties. And if that’s not enough, the post-genre pop artist also incorporates personally crafted visuals and videos into his live performances. With a sound that expands on everything from indie rock and intellectual pop to alternative hip-hop and soul-infusing R&B, Mobley is elevating the Austin music scene on a whole ‘nother level.

Yesterday, Mobley debuted his latest music video for “Tell Me” via Billboard. The video and its twisting plotline examines the tense social and racial hierarchies that unfortunately classify American society. “In the video, our lovely starlet’s blissful domesticity is in no small part predicated on the fact that her position in the social order enables her to displace people and things that she finds displeasurable, with little thought to the fallout for other people,” Mobley told Billboard. “I wanted to first turn the camera toward that aspirational bourgeois obliviousness, and then to the people who get displaced and dispossessed to maintain it, even if their only real offense is existing.”

You can catch Mobley live on June 17th at Solstice Festival.