Trae Tha Truth ‘Changed On Me’ ft. Money Man

Let’s face it. Trae Tha Truth isn’t so much the Asshole By Nature he claims to be. Deep down, he’s truly a nice guy with a heart of gold. Otherwise, why would he throw a bone to Atlanta trap rapper Money Man and carry the Future-reincarnate through their latest 808 Mafia produced collaboration, ‘Changed On Me’? Oh, yeah…that’s right…Trae recently brokered a deal with Atlanta’s living legend, T.I. making Houston’s ABN the VP of Grand Hustle Entertainment. Unfortunately, VP job duties also include carrying less talented cookie-cutter rappers to stardom as ‘Changed On Me’ is not only redundant to current industry…It’s just flat-out boring.

There was a time when buying the new Trae album meant you were about to hear some of the sickest shit Houston had to offer. Unfortunately, that’s no longer a guarantee. The rich and immersive productions that characterized Trae’s early career have been replaced with the bland, droning, trap beats of today’s industry standards. Losing Composure, Same Thing Different Day and to a lesser extent, SLAB, all seem like a lifetime ago as the huge sweeping choruses and flash-flood delivery of those rookie years have become a distant memory. Trae has left all of that rhythmic diversity behind him and instead chosen to crank up the intimidation factor as the guttural growl in his voice has become his main melodic focus. Kewl. Don’t get me wrong. Trae still possesses the ability to carry some hefty bars when he wants. But, he’s not really spitting vocabulary of any significance here. And Money Man’s contribution is absolutely forgettable.

By no means is ‘Changed On Me’ the worst song in the world. But, unfortunately, it just leaves more to be desired and I find myself wondering what could have been had this collaboration been with…let’s just say…Z-RO? Hopefully Trae can follow T.I.’s direction and make it mainstream while also staying true to his originality. But, that transition is currently proving difficult.