LA’s Trapdoor Social Debut ‘Winning As Truth’ Video

A classic tale involving knights, men in fancy coats, a money-tree, and a caterpillar, oh, and of course you can’t forget the major-league catchy tune that engulfs your ears in the most blissful way possible. In a scene dying for a breath of fresh air, LA’s Trapdoor Social is here to satisfy all of your indie needs with their newest single ‘Winning As Truth’.

With a heavy rhythm, intoxicating melodies, and a smooth flow, the 5-piece’s new single off of their self-titled album is the anthem that you didn’t know you needed. Reminiscent of Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, and One Republic, TDS is bringing in the new wave of alternative music that has been craving fresh blood. Merritt Graves, the singer of the power-pop group, delves into the song by telling us that it “takes aim at the idea that successfully gaming the system makes someone ‘right’.” A strong sense of true integrity flows not only through the band’s songs, but through their beliefs as well. With a keen concern for the environmental degradation, TDS weave community and charity into their schedule, often participating in fundraisers to aid environmental causes.

Director Matt Walker (Skepta, Saint Pepsi, GRMLN) takes the audience on an adventure that breathes in perfect sync with the song’s structure and meaning. We meet our hero as he is thrust on a noble quest, and we follow his Iron-Age story to the climatic end. Tension builds throughout each chapter of the tale, and a cool wave of relief washes over the audience with every turn of the page.

After watching this video, I’m torn between watching Game of Thrones and screaming the song’s lyrics at the top of my lungs on a top-down road trip with my best friends.


Written by: Sawyer Click