Texas K.G.B. Welcome Home Release Party at Mohawk

Welcome Home, the third album from Austin’s ‘Original Americana’ band, The Texas KGB, immediately asserts itself with the anthemic opening track. Anticipation boils from the reminiscent, Folsom County chords rolling steadily off the fingertips of KGB bandleader Kelly Green before bursting into a captivating arrangement of folk-rock harmonies. There’s no subtlety hidden within the seven tracks of Welcome Home. It’s a bold and innovative take on contemporary Americana that unapologetically twists through a southern whirlwind of classic rock, country, blues and funk.

The album was produced by Omar Vellejo and The Texas KGB (Kelly Green Band) and was recorded at Vallejo’s 512 Studios. The Georgia-raised, Austin-based Americana quartet consists of Kelly Green on the lead and slide guitar and vocals, Jace Cadle on the rhythm guitar and vocals, Kody Lee on drums, saxophone and vocals and Violet Lea on bass and vocals.

Welcome Home lives and breathes through Green’s sophisticated vocal range. Whether softly crooning with a sugary-sweet twang or overpowering with a heart-wrenching ruggedness, Green enchants on nearly every track aside from ‘The Way’ where Cadle’s rustic gravel shines over the emotive country ballad. The nostalgic title track is an alluring arrangement that builds and cascades in melodic momentum with sweeping vocals and a chanting chorus while the smoky blues-drenched ‘Frangela’ howls with southern country-rock bravado. The deeply personal ‘Burnt Spoons’ represents the albums most poignant track detailing with candid openness the emotional turmoil and collateral damage caused by addiction. The album swings in conclusion with the blues-guitar heavy enthusiasm of ‘Funk 69’.

Make no mistake about it! The Texas KGB is not your grandpa’s ol’ timey Americana band. Their diverse interpretation of the genre combined with jaw-dropping live performances make for an Americana band that must be experienced. Welcome Home should catapult The Texas KGB to the forefront of new-age Americana in the Live Music Capital.

Check out some of the highlights below from The Texas KGB’s Official Welcome Home Release Party last Friday at Mohawk.


Photos by: Valerie Riels @photo.atx

The Texas KGB Premier ‘Welcome Home’

Original Americana with a shot of blues, The Texas K.G.B. (Kelly Green Band) have debuted their newest single “Welcome Home” right here on Track Rambler. The tale describes the magic of revisiting childhood memories while looking towards the future with great optimism. The quartet will be releasing their upcoming album Welcome Home on Nov. 18.

The Austin-based Americana band’s mainlined weapons include enchanting harmonies, blues guitar solos and a powerful chemistry. Brother/sister duo Kelly Green (guitar/vocals) and Kody Lee (percussion) grew up together mountainside in a home of music.

“The song “Welcome Home” was inspired by land in the North Georgia Mountains where my brother and I grew up playing music and getting lost in the wilderness. The video, filmed by GGHK, features the beautiful landscapes of our childhood home,” states Kelly Green.

The video cruises down a curved, mountain road as Green’s Johnny Cash-style guitar chord sets the folk-rock tone. Beginning clips shows a unified front as a troupe of musicians blow bubbles and skip rocks in a forest. Green’s angelic voice rolls in like a cool breeze with legends of an extraordinary land. The poised band cuts in a groove, weaving blooming instrumentals around the unyielding layers of vocal chords.

From the vibrant green hillside erupts “Oh, oh / Welcome home” with all four members warmly entrenched in the vocal bed of roses. Cozily placed on a tree, Green’s Arabic-influenced blues riff rouses to a syncopated transition of power as another verse begins. Members of the band are featured disappearing through the forest, likely commenting on memories made rather than lost in the verdant environment.

Cultivation of the magnetized call-to-action “Welcome home” phrase is the highlight of the track. Staccato and floating, Green establishes the foundation. Guitarist/vocalist Jace Cadle’s boastful voice grabs the soundscape, supplementing the rise in tension. With further complementation, bassist/vocalist Violet Lea tops the mountain of sound.

Lee’s drumming landslides the tempo into an upbeat and more contemporary rock sound that catapults the finale. A banging reminiscence of melodies marks an ending that leaves the mouse lingering over the replay button. All four members appear as one in the memory-laden forest as the final overtones fade away.


The Texas KGB’s Welcome Home will be released on Saturday, Nov. 18 with an official album release party the same night at Mohawk. For additional information visit https://www.thetexaskgb.com/.


Written by: Sawyer Click