Mess around with Jessie Frye and her latest track: ‘Why So Serious (It’s Just Love)’

Jessie Frye is not a new name in Denton, I mean, she even took home the ‘Best Pop Act’ trophy at the city’s Music Awards last year and now she’s coming for Austin. A force to be reckoned with, with a surprisingly girly, youthful voice, Frye released her latest single ‘Why So Serious (It’s Just Love)’ in late February and it’s got me checking the date on my calendar.

A fast-forward to the summer, this track is screaming for the sun to be blazing down on you – too relaxed to care, maybe a few too many margaritas in ice-cold glasses; frosted rims that offer a sweet release from the heat with each sugary, sharp sip that is Frye’s sticky-honey voice. A track that’s almost indicative of K-Pop because of the heavy use of synthesizers, the backing track is a storm during a humid July night – thunderous yet soft, not quite delicate but permeable to Frye’s Summery vocals.

An artist that is set to build your 2018 summer block by block, it’s clear that the woman behind the jubilant voice is just as joyful – a real ray of sunshine that enjoys what she does. It’s really no wonder that she’s taking the Denton music scene by storm. We all need a little bit of bright, bubbly sunshine in our lives – just don’t forget sunscreen.

Words: Megan Matthews
Photography: Corey S Bomar